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Introducing a global healthcare financing perspective Meet HealthManagement.org’s latest board member for EXEC and find out what he plans to bring to readers. What are your key areas of interest and research? My professional interests lie in emerging markets healthcare financing. As the Global Lead for Healthcare at International Finance Corporation (IFC), I support a broader team responsible for

Management Matters

Shaping the minds of organisations Professor Werner Leodolter speaks to HealthManagement.org about managing the technology-induced change in decision making in organisations detailed in his new book. The digital transformation is changing the subconscious minds of organisations. Humans increasingly collaborate with robots, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning thus forming hybrid intelli

Management ideas from leading healthcare professionals HealthManagement.org has compiled this year’s top management tips from some of our leading contributors for leadership ideas and inspiration. They reply to the question: What is your top management tip? “Be passionate about what you stand for and humble in leading people” Andre Heinz Global Head of Human Resources - Siemens Healthi

Cover Story: The Sustainability Illusion

Leading to sustainable healthcare solutions Three pilot studies show how an innovative approach to healthcare procurement can lead to solutions. For many years, the European Community has been promoting innovation as a fundamental way of enhancing the development of the European Union (EU) and its role in the international arena. Antonio Tajani, President of t he Europe

Major hospital project aims to rejuvenate state’s health service A leading Australian health architecture firm has focused on patient experience to focus on sustainability and re-engineer the whole concept of how a hospital works. One of the world’s most advanced hospitals - $1.71 bln new Royal Adelaide Hospital (RAH) in South Australia – reached technical completion in March and welcomed its

How a Boston hospital is tackling energy use and lowering costs An energy innovation is helping a key hospital in New England to save money and protect operations against outages. A cogen facility is enabling Boston Medical Centre (BMC), one of the greenest hospitals in all of the USA , to produce much of its own electricity and heat. This innovation is translating into sizable savings in energy

Food waste at hospitals can be recognised and addressed An Irish healthcare sustainability programme aims to increase the catering efficiency of hospitals with steps to reduce waste. Non-profit organisation, Health Care Without Harm Europe (HCWH Europe), brings the voice of healthcare professionals to the European policy debate about key issues including sustainability. In order to support work

Why it should and how it can be done How one healthcare body is introducing education on sustainable healthcare across the sector. Environmental change is an increasingly important determinant of health and of the ability of societies and healthcare services to respond to ill health. Climate change has been recognised as the “biggest global health threat of the 21st Century” (Costello et al. 2009

Can the integration of sex and gender policies reset the agenda? An evidence-based shift is needed in the approach to women’s healthcare and greater fulfilment of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. What is the state of women’s health? Women’s health remains an unfinished agenda. Health interventions and infrastructures are dominated by short-term rather than long-term o

Why burnout needs to be addressed now and not later Burnout in cardiologists has serious implications on the lives of patients. Healthcare experts all over the world draw their conclusions on an issue which is highly prevalent amongst cardiologists and how to maintain sustainability within healthcare. How energised are you by your work? Are you constantly dissatisfied by your career? Are you victim

Winning Practices

A crisis action plan is necessary to avert negative fallout Most companies have done little in the way of preparation for crisis. The following exciting hypothetical scenario can help put matters right. Many health sector firms do not have proper crisis management plans. They might have a plan for the more tangible aspects such as an IT failure or having to evacuate

Violence in healthcare facilities In the below summary, ECRI discusses violence in healthcare covering risk factors, assessment of objective indicators, consequences, and strategies for prevention. Executive summary Violence is much more common in healthcare than in other industries, and although many violent events in healthcare are perpetrated by patients, a notable percentage are not. Indi

Providing employees with the right environment and skills Human factors such as authority gradients are important barriers to safety event reporting in healthcare and warrant implementation of specific countermeasures and cultural change. Introduction Safety event reporting is the cornerstone of all quality assurance and improvement efforts. Electronic reporting into databases is possible for man

Improving the radiological image Prof. Rui Almeida gives an analysis on his research which was applied to general radiology exams. The main goal of this research was to assess the effect of an internal and participative intervention aimed through the implementation of best practices and quality improvement applied to general radiology exams. Therefore, a quality improve

One of the main projects of EUROSON School is the introduction of Ultrasound in medical student education as it could be beneficial for many reasons. In the last year, EFSUMB Education and Professional Standards Committee (EPSC) along with the Publication committee cooperated on several educational and research projects and the organisation of several Euroson schools, mainly on CEUS and US-elastography

Breast cancer screening and the breast imagers of the future The future of breast examinations is changing. More and more screening methods are being invented as well as an influx of young radiologists hoping to make a difference. Members of EUSOBI tell us how. Breast cancer is the most common female cancer and the 2nd leading cause of female cancer deaths worldwide with its incidence increasing. Ac

An overview on the role of Health Technology Assessment (HTA) in healthcare Prof. Giuseppe Lippi speaks with HealthManagement about his views on Health Technology Medicine in laboratory medicine and how it's improving the quality of care. What do you think accredited scientific organisations can do to lend credibility to/increase confidence in HTAs? The use of LEAN and HTA management is sti

Resource available for all levels of genomics competency The new ‘Method for Introducing a New Competency: Genomics’ (MINC) toolkit is helping nurse leaders fine tune and improve patient care. Nurses and other health professionals looking to integrate genomics into patient care now have access to an online toolkit with multiple resources as part of a new website launched by the National Huma

How salauno has used an interdisciplinary team with a Human-Centred Design approach with impressive patient results. Salauno was founded in 2011 to eliminate needless blindness in Mexico where it is the second biggest cause of disability. Salauno’s model is low-cost, high-quality and high-volume which has allowed it to attend to 200,000 low-income patients and carry out 29,000 surgeries that have res


NICE guidelines for ultrasound-guided placement of central venous lines in adults and children were first issued in the UK in October 2002. Dr James Bennett, Consultant Anaesthetist at Birmingham Children's Hospital, discusses how the debate has since moved on from whether ultrasound should be used for vascular access, to what other information and safety assurances it can provide, especially in paediatric


How the economic giant is advancing healthcare across the globe The World Health Organization (WHO) argues China’s private sector ecosystem capabilities have a great deal to offer global healthcare innovation. Earlier this year at the World Economic Forum, President Xi Jinping delivered a hearty defence of globalisation. To people following world affairs for the l

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Medical Device, Quality Management Expert and CEO/Founder - Qunique Ltd, Switzerland If opportunity doesn`t knock, build a door –Milton Berle What is your top management tip? Regulatory challenges are real. Take them seriously and allow your company to embrace the changes required to be ready to face these challenges.

Professor of Imaging Sciences and Consultant Radiologist - King’s College London, UK, President Elect, European Federation of Societies for Ultrasound in Medicine and Biology (EFSUMB) What is your top management tip? Learn to delegate appropriately, otherwise you just fall over. What would you single out as a career highlight? There are many occasions that I have been humbled by

Founder and CIO of the Kashmir Lab, France

Chief Executive Officer & Director General Rambam Health Care Campus Women's Division/Dr Phillip and Sara Gotlieb Chair Professor of Medicine and Biomedical Engineering, Technion-IIT , Israel Success is not final. Failure is not fatal. It is the courage to continue that counts -Winston Churchill What is your top management tip? My top management advice for managers and directors of ho

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