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Radiomics: Recent Trends and Assessing Research Quality

2021 26 Nov

Dr Renato Cuocolo, radiologist and research fellow at the University of Naples ‘Federico II’, recently spoke at the 2021 European Society of Medical Imaging Informatics (EuSoMII) Annual Meeting about the challenges in assessing research quality in radiomics. Given radiomics’ transformative potential for medical imaging, met... Read more

IMAGING Management

Fewer Screenings, but More Serious Cases in Italian Community Hospitals

2021 16 Mar

Italy was one of the first European countries to face the Covid-19 pandemic. The first lockdown came into effect on 9 March 2020, to flatten the curve of contagion. These measures had a huge impact on all levels of medical practice. A study was conducted to  examine how the workload of radiological examinations changed during the pandemic and how... Read more

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Medtec Live 2021

2021 20 Apr

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2021 14 Jun

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44th ESNR Annual Meeting 2021

2021 29 Sep

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43rd ESNR Annual Meeting 2020

2020 05 Oct

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ICU Management

Challenges and Management in Italy and Lessons Learned

2020 19 May

Prof. Maurizio Cecconi is the President-Elect of the European Society of Intensive Care Medicine (ESICM). He is also the Head of Anaesthesia and Intensive Care Department at Istituto Clinico Humanitas and a full professor of Anaesthesia and ICU at the Humanitas University. Prof. Cecconi has worked in different healthcare systems, including the... Read more

IT Management

€6 Million from EIT Health to Accelerate COVID-19 Solutions

2020 29 Apr

In the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, 14 health innovation projects will receive support of over €6 million from EIT Health as part of ‘Rapid Response’ EU-wide initiative.   You may also like: EIT Awards €6 mln to Health Start-ups   The selected projects will search for immediate and impactful solutions that health... Read more

Executive Health Management

Can We Trust COVID-19 Research?

2020 28 Apr

The COVID-19 pandemic has inspired an unprecedented amount of healthcare-related research in various fields, from drug and vaccine development to epidemiological modelling. Preprints abound, but some warn about the dangers of releasing research without proper verification.   You may also like: Warnings about Potential Treatments for COVID-19... Read more