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ICU Management

Challenges and Management in Italy and Lessons Learned

2020 19 May

Prof. Maurizio Cecconi is the President-Elect of the European Society of Intensive Care Medicine (ESICM). He is also the Head of Anaesthesia and Intensive Care Department at Istituto Clinico Humanitas and a full professor of Anaesthesia and ICU at the Humanitas University. Prof. Cecconi has worked in different healthcare systems, including the... Read more

IT Management

€6 Million from EIT Health to Accelerate COVID-19 Solutions

2020 29 Apr

In the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, 14 health innovation projects will receive support of over €6 million from EIT Health as part of ‘Rapid Response’ EU-wide initiative.   You may also like: EIT Awards €6 mln to Health Start-ups   The selected projects will search for immediate and impactful solutions that health... Read more

Executive Health Management

Can We Trust COVID-19 Research?

2020 28 Apr

The COVID-19 pandemic has inspired an unprecedented amount of healthcare-related research in various fields, from drug and vaccine development to epidemiological modelling. Preprints abound, but some warn about the dangers of releasing research without proper verification.   You may also like: Warnings about Potential Treatments for COVID-19... Read more

Executive Health Management

COVID-19 for R&D: Blessing or Curse?

2020 10 Apr

This week Cancer Research UK has announced that it has cut funding to its research activities. At the same time, the EU is aiming to raise around €2 billion in support of rapid response research initiatives to fight COVID-19.   You may also like: RECOVERY: World’s Largest COVID-19 Clinical Trial   Cancer Research UK is a fundraising... Read more

Executive Health Management

Teaming and Funding Opportunities for COVID-19 Researchers

2020 27 Mar

Through two new online tools, COVID-19 researchers around the world now have the opportunity to find and team up with one another and learn about the available funding to support their work.   You may also like: More Openness in Research   UK-based Crowdhelix partnered with Science|Business media company to launch a free online match-making... Read more

IT Management

AWS Commits $20mln for COVID-19 Cloud Collaboration

2020 24 Mar

Amazon Web Service (AWS) has launched a $20mln initiative to support collaboration amongst its customers who are working in diagnostic solutions for COVID-19 and future infectious diseases.   You might also like: Software Identifies COVID-19 Super Carriers     The Diagnostic Development Initiative aims to accelerate diagnostic... Read more

IMAGING Management

Suppressing Breast Cancer Metastasis

2020 03 Mar

Researchers studying proteins that regulate alternative splicing events linked to metastasis report breakthrough findings that could lead to better treatments for metastatic breast cancer.     You might also like: Dense Breasts: Supplemental Screening Trends   Alternative splicing is a natural cellular process that helps cells... Read more

IT Management

£27mln for Supercomputing Services Drive Scientific Breakthroughs in UK

2020 26 Feb

More scientific breakthroughs from UK researchers, notably in the fields of artificial intelligence (AI) and drug design, can be expected with the launch of state-of-the-art supercomputing services.   The "Seven High Performance Computing (HPC)" services will be supported by a £27 million investment from the Engineering and Physical Sciences... Read more

Executive Health Management

Facilitating Collaboration During Emergencies

2020 28 Jan

By 28 January, more than 100 people have died in China in the latest novel coronavirus, known as 2019-nCoV, outbreak, with over 4,500 confirmed infections. Besides China, the virus has also spread to at least 16 other countries. V arious health organisations around the world are reacting to the latest developments. You may also like:... Read more

ICU Management

The Intelligent Intensive Care Unit: Integrating Care, Research and Education

2020 15 Jan

Integration of care, research and education in the intelligent intensive care unit. Patients admitted to the intensive care unit suffer from a variety of symptoms, pathologies, and comorbidities and are at risk of many adverse outcomes. Healthcare and technology for this vulnerable, heterogeneous patient group have immensely developed over... Read more