Uncovering Socioeconomic Health Factors

Uncovering Socioeconomic Health Factors

Preventing a problem is always better than fixing it, especially when it comes to health. Yet, in the healthcare industry treating medical... Read more

New Global Programme For Urban Health and Wellbeing

World health, environmental, behavioural and social science experts have launched a major new interdisciplinary scientific collaboration that... Read more

Artificial Heart-Like Device to Fuel Future Robots by Pumping Human Waste

A team of researchers in Bristol has successfully created a device capable of pumping human waste into the power-generating section of a self-sustaining... Read more

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In an era characterised by unprecedented medical advancements, healthcare stands on the cusp of transformation. As we marvel at breakthroughs in diagnostics, treatments, and technology, we must also turn our attention to how we prepare the healthcare workforce of today and tomorrow. This imperative has led us to explore the untapped potential of educational... Read more

Conclusions of the Conference Held in Madrid on Value-Based Public Procurement   On June 6 th 2023, a conference was held on "The Public Sector Contracts Law: Does it favor value-based procurement?", organised by the Subdirectorate General for Public Procurement of the Madrid Health Service, with the collaboration of Impulsa Salud.   The rise... Read more

Healthcare in the U.S. is an industry that’s ripe for innovation. From a convoluted insurance system to a complicated chain of care to a lack of price transparency, many factors combine to create a healthcare system that’s slow, expensive, inefficient, and difficult to navigate.   But some companies are fast at work addressing the many pain... Read more

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How to Create the Healing Environment of the Future

2021 03 Aug

The human-centered approach to healthcare facility planning and design. Executive Summary Transforming care delivery through facility design and planning Healthcare environments continue to evolve, with new pressures from patients, staff, and payers driving care providers to be more people-centered and value-driven. Meeting the challenges... Read more

(non)Profitability in Healthcare

2023 30 Aug

The goal of healthcare is to promote and maintain the well-being of individuals and communities by preventing, diagnosing, treating, and managing diseases, injuries, and other health conditions. Healthcare aims to improve patient’s quality of life, enhance their life expectancy, and ensure they can have access to the services and interventions needed... Read more

From For-Profit to For-Value: A Journey to a Sustainable Healthcare Model

2023 30 Aug

Modern healthcare requires a profound shift: from profit-driven models to patient-centred, value-based care, where compassion, empowerment, and holistic well-being take centre stage. To achieve this transformation, understanding patients’ values is essential, ensuring tailored, empathetic care that empowers them in decision-making. Embracing change... Read more

The Green Intensive Care: From Environmental Hotspot to Action

2023 26 May

Together we must reduce the impact of the healthcare sector and shift towards a circular economy. This paper describes the shift of three ICU environmental hotspots: gloves, gowns, and CRRT bags.   Introduction The healthcare sector is one of the most carbon-intensive sectors, contributing to 4.4% of global net greenhouse gas emissions... Read more

Moving Environmental Sustainability from the Fringe to the Centre Ground in Critical Care

2023 26 May

Critical care must move to a way of working that recognises climate change is a medical emergency, necessitating us all to put sustainability at the forefront of our actions as a multidisciplinary team working together in the best interests of our patients, our environment and our resources.   Planetary Health and Public Health  People’s... Read more

Sustainability and Extracorporeal Organ Support

2023 20 Apr

Extracorporeal organ support (ECOS) involves an extensive use of healthcare resources and clinical problem-solving challenges. The feasibility of applying known ecological analysis and sustainability strategies in healthcare need to be started in this setting.   Introduction As with any other species, human activity modifies the environment... Read more

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