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Hospitals Boost Financial Performance by Investing in Health Equity

Hospitals that invest in community health equity – eliminating disparities in health and the factors that contribute to the exclusion of groups... Read more

Pfizer Invests $43B in New Cancer Drug Deal

Pfizer is deploying its financial resources to accelerate the battle against cancer, having signed a $43 billion agreement to buy cancer... Read more

Finances and Medical Equipment for Healthcare Operators in Africa

Finances and Medical Equipment for Healthcare Operators in Africa

COVID-19 has added to the strain on Africa’s small healthcare providers who cannot secure bank loans. A new partnership by IFC, Philips and... Read more


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ASCs must track KPIs daily, weekly, monthly, and annually. ASC performance must be measured to keep your business and patients healthy. Financial benchmarks can help you monitor and improve your ASC's clinical and financial performance.   However, monitoring, analysing, and comparing ambulatory surgery center metrics to industry averages is the... Read more

Patients have long been left out of the loop when it comes to controlling their medical information. Accordingly, Andaman7 intends to help patients regain control over their health data and enable secure interactions between patients and health actors (hospitals, doctors and public and private researchers). With its innovative patient-centric approach,... Read more

Power of Healthcare Procurement: Relevance, Use, Impact for Affordability, Quality, Innovativeness

2023 30 Aug

Procurement plays a crucial role in achieving affordability and profitability in the healthcare sector. With ever-rising healthcare expenditures, the focus on procuring products and services efficiently and effectively is essential. Collaboration between healthcare providers as buyers and with their suppliers is vital. By embracing a broader notion... Read more

The Distinction Between Trading and Investing

2023 30 Aug

An overview of the basics of the financial market, differences in trading and investing and risk management strategies.   Key Points The financial market can seem confusing and is often an unnerving space for the untrained eye. Two terms that are often used interchangeably are trading and investing, despite possessing different meanings.... Read more

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