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== Overview ==
HealthManagement.org (HM) is a multidimensional, fully integrated health management and leadership portal, which serves as a key resource for information. It unites specialist platforms such as 
HealthManagement.org - The Journal research and publications cover essential and substantial issues in healthcare on the topics of management, innovation, corporate governance, new techniques and technologies with the objective to simplify healthcare managers' decision-making process and enhance outcome efficiency. 
Our contributing partners, who are distinguished health-care specialists, ensure the integrity of the information delivered through both print and digital publications following our Author Guide
HM is supported by over 50 professional associations and is consistently recognised as a valuable resource for healthcare management due to its focus on delivering impartial and factual information on industry issues and best practices in health administration and leadership.
HM also serves as a forum for exploring major issues in the industry and reaching out to a large community of healthcare executives and clinical decision-makers by making our Faculty Members database from about 50 countries available.
== Objectives ==
The HealthManagement.org portal contains a health management journal library with volumes that go back to the year 2000. With over 100,000* articles in the e-library, it provides unrestricted access to journals on 5 key areas Imaging and Imaging French, Intensive Care Unit (ICU), Executive ManagementHealthcare IT, and Cardiology. Objectives are to further extend the most comprehensive health care management library and serve as an industry information provider-of-choice for the worldwide community of health executives, department heads and those involved in management. A Product Directory with over 130,000 products and services, the Company Directory with 20,000 healthcare providers, Associations, Universities, Institutes and a comprehensive Faculty section complement this portal.
We are committed to serving the industry leadership by ensuring cross-functional learning and bridging different medical specialities. It also recognises the challenges facing newly-qualified healthcare management professionals, and strives to cater to their needs in organisation of day-to-day health administration and care, efficient use and management of resources, strategic decision-making, managing change and supporting professional development. 
== History ==
Health management requires good leadership, continuous sharing of best practices and proactive outlook for healthcare sciences. In the 1990s the founding partners realised the importance of integrated healthcare management in every field, and the first milestone was set when (E)Hospital, the Official Journal of the European Association of Hospital Managers was launched. Later in early-2000s Imaging, Intensive Care Unit (ICU), Healthcare IT, and Cardiology Management were introduced as separate platforms and Laboratory, Pharma, Theatre and Surgery, Infections and Hygiene as management sections.
== Core Values and Vision ==
Our core values are:
* FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION - the most essential prerequisite in order for the public to be well informed;
* FREEDOM OF PRESS - the main safeguard of freedom of expression which ensures protection of basic civil freedoms;
* RESPECT FOR DIVERSITY OF OPINIONS - we defend the freedom to publish different points of views; 
* RESULTS-DRIVEN APPROACH – we embrace cross-departmental collaboration and promote knowledge sharing.
Our vision
Healthcare driven by results achieved through efficient processes that deliver the highest quality and safety.
== Results-driven Leadership ==
At Health Management (HM) we think that in present-day competitive market hospital governance can be optimised if the institution’s culture and practices meet stakeholders’ demands for un-disputable ethical behaviour and efficiency. Many healthcare organisations are mandated to abide by a new governance approach, which requires creating value for all the stakeholders through performance, conformance and responsibility. The Health Management Faculty, who are acknowledged thought-leaders, share their insights and practical experience with clinicians, who aspire to assume leadership roles and seek managerial competence that yields results.  
== Commitment to Social Responsibility ==
In the healthcare delivery and hospital governance context social responsibility, which means that the patient should be given primary consideration, is the new paradigm. Fully integrated healthcare allows provision of optimised treatment, efficient pre-and post-care, and putting into practice effective disease prevention solutions. 
Competent and efficient hospital governance and corporate strategy are the benchmark of an institution’s commitment to social responsibility in developed societies. 
Health Management (HM) partners with national and international associations such as European Society of Radiology, European Association of Healthcare IT Managers, ISICEMEuropean Society of Intensive Care Medicine, British Institute of RadiologyInstitute of Healthcare Management and many others to support hospital leadership and decision-makers in their adoption of practices which better meet societal needs. 
Through specialised publications which highlight industry analysis, reports and progressive outlook into healthcare science and innovative technology, they share information on best practices in corporate social responsibility in each respective sphere:
At Health Management we recognise the fact that healthcare has evolved into a complex and dynamic industry and support the emerging models of hospital management (entrepreneurism) and corporate governance by sharing insights based on vigorous research to help leadership in healthcare institutions and policy makers fulfil their societal objectives and better meet the needs of all stakeholders.
Robust mechanisms of corporate governance allow managers to be socially responsible in healthcare institutions and fulfil societal objectives in accordance with the law and professional code of ethics. 
Health Management (HM) is a reliable source for industry specialists to gain relevant knowledge which will enable them to be effective in cross-functional collaboration, health integration activities, implementation of best-practices and results-driven leadership.
HM provides a range of media solutions which allow healthcare institutions to connect and engage with our target audiences in the most efficient and timely manner. Through Corporate Engagement Program (CEP) we are supporting our corporate partners to meet their organisations’ strategic goals of increasing shareholder profits and accomplishing societal objectives by increasing their public exposure through multiple media. 
By delivering our partners’ message to their desired target audiences in the most effective way and all communication means, we are also supporting our partner institutions’ transition into the new paradigm of hospital governance – providing health care access to all patients, which they believe is a fundamental right of every person. 
Our ultimate goal is to progressively achieve the full realisation of this right through our services, publications, events, and social media coverage.
HM provides in its Interactive Company & Products Directory a the most comprehensive list of Companies & Products to the advantage of the site visitors. With immediate response system options and dedicated company pages it is the most inclusive and innovative directory in the market.
== Corporate Structure ==
HealthManagement.org is powered by MindByte Communications Ltd, a privately held Cyprus based communications and association support agency, in collaboration with some non-profit associations, like the European Association of Hospital Managers,  a Brussels based interest representation for CEOs and Hospital Directors, the European Association of Healthcare IT Managers, a Brussels based interest representation for CIOs and Healthcare IT Managers.

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