Introduction: is dedicated to empowering healthcare professionals and organisations. We champion competitive hospital governance, optimising culture and practices to meet stringent ethical standards and operational efficiency. 

Mission: Drive ongoing enhancement in healthcare management for superior, patient-centred care.

Overview: (HM) is a global community of healthcare executives and leaders based in Europe. Our mission is to provide a platform for healthcare professionals to learn, collaborate, and innovate. We offer various resources, including news, articles, research, and directories to keep healthcare professionals up-to-date with the latest trends. HM also hosts events like conferences and webinars for professionals to network and share ideas. Some key features include news and articles covering various topics, research materials, practical tools, and special interest communities.


Our portal houses a health management journal library dating back to 1999, with over 100,000 articles. These resources are freely accessible in areas such as Imaging, Intensive Care, Executive Management, Healthcare IT, and Cardiology. We aim to promote cross-departmental learning, bridge medical specialities, and support newly qualified healthcare professionals in health administration, resource management, strategic decision-making, change management, and professional development.


In the 1990s, our founders recognised the need for integrated healthcare management, leading to the launch of (E)Hospital, the Official Journal of the European Association of Hospital Managers. Subsequently, we introduced separate platforms for Imaging, Intensive Care Unit (ICU), Healthcare IT, and Cardiology Management, along with management sections for Laboratory, Pharma, Theatre and Surgery, and Infections and Hygiene.

Core Values and Vision: 

Our core values include freedom of expression, freedom of the press, respect for diversity of opinions, and a results-driven approach. Our vision is centred on achieving results in healthcare through efficient processes that prioritise quality and safety.

Results-driven Leadership: 

At HM, we advocate for competitive hospital governance aiming to optimize the institution's culture and practices and to meet stakeholders' demands for ethical behavior and efficiency. We support clinicians aspiring to leadership roles by sharing insights and practical experiences from our Health Management Faculty.

Commitment to Social Responsibility: 

In the healthcare delivery and hospital governance context, social responsibility, which means that the patient should be given primary consideration, is the new paradigm. Fully integrated healthcare allows the provision of optimized treatment, efficient pre-and post-care, and putting into practice effective disease prevention solutions. Competent and efficient hospital governance and corporate strategy are the benchmarks of an institution's commitment to social responsibility in developed societies.

Corporate Structure: is a product of MindByte Communications Ltd, a Cyprus-based medical communications agency and association support provider.

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