• Opportunities in Digital Transformation

    The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the digital transformation of health systems, prompting a shift in focus towards improving patient experiences and innovative forms of care delivery. Healthcare leaders are responsible for delivering improved, more effective care, but they face challenges in navigating the complexities of digitalisation. In this context,...

  • Unveiling Tomorrow: IT’s Pioneering Role in Revitalising Healthcare

    The integration of Information Technology (IT) in the healthcare sector is a beacon of transformation amidst modern challenges. This article illuminates the role of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Natural Language Processing (NLP), and low-code solutions in healthcare. By exploring real-world examples and statistics, we shed light...

  • Passion-Driven Employees Thanks to Robots and AI

    In today’s evolving workplace, robots and AI are reshaping jobs. While job displacement concerns exist, there’s a remarkable aspect: the potential for passionate employees. Automation of repetitive tasks not only enhances efficiency but also boosts job satisfaction. The benefits include positive interactions, happy employees, and more personalised...

  • Signal-to-Noise Ratio in Medicine: Leveraging AI to Elevate Care & Job Satisfaction

    In today’s demanding and fast-paced medical environment, physicians are challenged by time constraints, information overload, and waning job satisfaction. Assistive AI technologies offer promising solutions to the signal-to-noise conundrum in medicine.   Key Points The avalanche of clinical and administrative information demands a balance...

  • Towards the European Electronic Health Record Exchange Format

    XpanDH Project Support and Risks of a Delayed Regulation on the EHDS   This paper presents the journey towards the European Electronic Health Record Exchange Format (EEHRxF) as a process of standardisation as social actors in Europe accept how necessary it is for digital health interoperability to be a reality to reap the benefits of digital...

  • My Fundamental Right to Cross-Border Healthcare

    Dear Reader, Properly working cross-border healthcare is a fundamental right of every European citizen. This goes hand in hand with the free movement of persons. The European Union has its main focus on IT collaboration with the USA. But HITM feels that this is too narrow. Therefore we have taken the decision to closely collaborate with the Middle...

  • Telecare in Andalusia

    The University Hospital Virgen Macarena of Seville and the  Superior Engineering School of Seville University are jointly  carrying out a new research project for the implementation  of a complete telecare system for kidney patients.   “Modular customisable architecture for complete kidney  patient telecare” will study the implementation of  a telemedicine...

  • Integrated IT to Optimise Patient Care

    In March of this year COCIR - the European trade association  for the medical technology industry hosted a  meeting with the European Commissioner for Health and  Consumer Policy, John Dalli and senior representatives  from hospital and healthcare providers. The meeting in  Paris showcased how integrated IT and innovative financial  partnerships are...

  • “Linking people, potential and progress”

    The main objective of HIMSS 2012 was helping healthcare IT professionals to achieve new goals while maintaining their organisation’s commitment to unsurpassed quality of care. It was about bridging the gap between meeting requirements and implementing processes. Hot topics at this year’s conference included: Clinical and business intelligence;...

  • The State of Health IT in Iberia

    In years past, much of the focus on European markets concentrated on the arger economies of Germany, the UK,  France, and Italy. There is relatively little  knowledge of the healthcare IT markets  in other Eurozone countries, particularly  among US vendors looking to expand  into continental Europe.   This executive brief will focus on the  countries...

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