Women's Health

Mammography Screening Guidelines for Older Survivors of Breast Cancer

The first mamography guidelines for older survivors of breast cancer have been... Read more

#RSNA2020: Housing, Food Insecurities Delay Breast Cancer Diagnosis

Women who experience food or housing insecurity may be at risk for undiagnosed breast cancer due to lapses in follow-up appointments,... Read more

Use of HRT and Breast Cancer Risk in Women

There has been speculation for many years that hormone replacement therapy   (HRT) may increase the risk of breast cancer. HRT... Read more

Healthcare IT
Next Gen Wearable: Electronic Skin

Next Gen Wearable: Electronic Skin

An ultra-thin, lightweight electronic skin was developed by Japan researchers allowing for the remote monitoring of vital... Read more

Big Data vs. Old Age

Big Data vs. Old Age

The majority of older adults who represent a large part of healthcare patient population have little knowledge about how... Read more

Smartphones for Imaging: Challenges and Recommendations

Smartphones for Imaging: Challenges and Recommendations

Smartphones are becoming an indelible part of everyday life and also finding their way into healthcare. A new study explores... Read more

EMA’s Conclusion on Janssen Vaccine and Blood Clots

EMA’s Conclusion on Janssen Vaccine and Blood Clots

The European Medicines Agency has completed its safety review for Johnson & Johnson’s COVID-19 Vaccine Janssen giving conclusions... Read more

Vaccine Rollout: Implications of “Abundance of Caution”

Vaccine Rollout: Implications of “Abundance of Caution”

Over the last week the COVID-19 vaccine landscape has once again changed drastically, with the use of J&J’s Janssen suspended... Read more

Pandemic’s economic impact could linger for decades

Pandemic’s Economic Impact Could Linger for Decades

Social networks can be an important determinant of a country's growth. Not only do they help diffuse ideas and push progress,... Read more

Radiology and Imaging

World Malaria Day: No More Mosquito Deaths

The World Health Organization (WHO) will mark World Malaria Day on 25 April 2021 by focusing on the achievements of countries... Read more

Poland: Yes, We Will Use J&J Vaccine!

The Polish government has announced that 120 000 units of Johnson&Johnson vaccine arrived in Poland on Wednesday. Despite reports... Read more

World Hemophilia Day 2021: How to deal with Vaccination

World Hemophilia Day 2021, dedicated to creating international awareness of hemophilia and other inherited bleeding disorders,... Read more

ICU and Emergency

Delayed Initiation Strategy for Renal Replacement Therapy

Delaying renal replacement therapy (RRT) in critically ill patients with severe kidney injury and no severe complication is safe... Read more

Selection Criteria for Lung Transplantation in COVID-19 Patients

In May 2020, a team led by thoracic surgeon Konrad Hoetzenecker of the Department of Surgery of MedUni Vienna and Vienna General... Read more

Impact of Stress and Shortages on Critical Care Physicians

As hospitals continue to struggle with accelerating rates of coronavirus infections, hospitalisations, and deaths, the impact... Read more


Risk Factors for COVID-19: Type II Diabetes, High BMI

As the COVID-19 pandemic lingers, researchers have found associations between certain lifestyle factors and a person's risk of... Read more

Who Has Higher Risk of CVD Incidence and Mortality?

Cardiovascular disease continues to be a leading cause of death worldwide. There are several contributing factors to the development... Read more

Brain Activity and the Broken Heart Syndrome

A new study uncovers potential mechanisms that may contribute to "broken heart syndrome," or Takotsubo syndrome (TTS), a temporary... Read more


Building Efficient Workflows With Enterprise Imaging

Enterprise Imaging is an efficient solution that helps radiology departments build workflows around core processes. The technology offers... Read more

KLAS Latin America 2021 Performance Report: Agfa HealthCare Leads Spanish Market

We are very proud to share that by scoring above industry average on all surveyed aspects, Agfa HealthCare receives high overall... Read more

COVID-19 Workflow Changes in Outpatient Imaging Centres

COVID-19 has caused a significant shift in how healthcare is delivered. In the U.S., New York City was the hardest hit within... Read more

Head of department Anne Edvardsen shows the excellent facilities available for rehabilitation

Online Rehabilitation At Home Established In Record Time

In March, when the whole country locked down, almost 150 patients were undergoing their rehabilitation stay at the LHL... Read more

DETECT Study: Fitness Trackers Can Predict COVID-19

The first six weeks data from the DETECT study show that wearable fitness devices can improve public health efforts to control... Read more

Molecular Tests

`Molecular Tests are Pivotal in Combating the COVID-19 Pandemic`

The central laboratory of the Niels-Stensen-Kliniken group in Osnabrück wasted no time in setting up its own test facilities... Read more

Latest Journals


Patient’s Voice to Cancel Cancer: When Accountability Becomes Responsibility

In the past decades something happened in healthcare that doesn’t benefi Read more

Resuscitative Transesophageal Echocardiography Programme in the ED: 5 Tips for Success

Over the past few years, inspired by landmark publications, 1,2,3 demonstratin Read more

Building Resilience in Children during COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has some potential positive outcomes, including... Read more

Modern Digital health: Power of Retail Is Taking over Healthcare

It’s time to address the Amazon in the room Anyone who has... Read more

Top Telemedicine Platforms: Features and Services

The World Health Organization (WHO) defines telemedicine  as the... Read more

A patient-centred approach to mammography

Head radiologist provides feedback on department’s three-year use of... Read more

4 Things To Start Doing Today to Reduce Medical Errors

1. Practise Good Self-Care It’s vital for your personal wellbeing that... Read more

White Papers and Case Studies

3DQuorum™ Imaging Technology

Improving radiologist performance through Artificial Intelligence... Read more

Genius AI™ Detection for Breast Tomosynthesis

Improving radiologist performance and workflow through deep learning... Read more

Genius AI™ Detection for Breast Tomosynthesis

Improving radiologist performance and workflow through deep learning... Read more

Why Should We Be Measuring Ionized Magnesium?

Dennis Begos , MD, FACS, FACRS Associate Director, Medical... Read more

Mitigating a Post-COVID-19 Surge With Integrated Technology

Despite a falling number of COVID–19 patients in ICU, imaging departments... Read more

Liver Fibrosis: Patients Can Be At Risk Of Death Even Without Exhibiting Symptoms

1 in 5 advanced fibrosis patients evolves to cirrhosis in as little... Read more

From Our Journals

 Amy Freeman-Sanderson

Rehabilitation of the Critically Ill: The Role of Allied Health Professionals

Rehabilitation and recovery following ICU admission aims to improve...

Prof. Peter Vermeir

Crisis Communication: Challenges, Priorities and Perspectives

Summary: Communication during a crisis is always a challenge...

 Marios Kantaris

CT and MRI Market in Cyprus: An Overview

It can be said that the diagnostic imaging sector in Cyprus could observe...

Dr. Jackie McRae

The Role of Speech and Language Therapy Supporting Nutritional Management in ICU

Speech and language therapists play an integral role in identifying...

Prof. Massimo Antonelli

Challenges in the Management of the Critically Ill Patient

Interview with Massimo Antonelli, Professor of Intensive Care and Anaesthe

 Jan Filochowski

Leading and Learning in the Real World

Leadership is a generic term, so when we talk about leaders in the NHS...

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