Decision Support

Evaluating AI-Supported CDS Systems with Real-World Evidence

A new analysis from the Duke-Margolis Center for Health Policy details the data elements that real-world data (RWD) sources need... Read more

CDS Improves Cardiovascular Health in Patients with Mental Health Disorders

In a study appearing in JAMA Network Open , researchers found that primary care clinicians can significantly lower cardiovascular... Read more

Clinical Decision Support Improve Pneumonia Outcomes

A study published in the  American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine  found that using a clinical decision support (CDS)... Read more

Women's Health

Psychological Effects of Hysterectomy for Fibroids

If your patients are among the nearly 80% of women who develop fibroids by the age of 50, they could be experiencing heavy periods,... Read more

New Findings Will Help Personalise Approaches to Breast Cancer Screening

A recent study published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology revealed that women with cancer in one breast may be at a higher... Read more

Women 65 and Older Are More Likely to Be Diagnosed with Late-Stage Cervical Cancer

Researchers from UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center found that a large number of women aged 65 and older, in the Californian... Read more

Enterprise Imaging

PACS Tool Monitors Learning Opportunities and Callbacks

According to a recent study published in  Current Problems in Diagnostic Radiology , researchers at Brigham and Women’s Hospital... Read more

Join Agfa HealthCare at RSNA 2021 – Redefining Radiology

Join Agfa HealthCare at RSNA 2021 – Redefining Radiology

Agfa HealthCare will be participating at RSNA 2021, November 28th-December 2nd in Chicago, IL, USA.   Agfa HealthCare is committed... Read more

Enterprise Imaging and PACS Systems Trends

Radiology enterprise imaging platforms and picture archiving and communication systems (PACS) have evolved to facilitate workflows. Specifically,... Read more


Improving Sepsis Care: Insights from Dr Philippe Eggimann at ISICEM 2023

The International Symposium on Intensive Care and Emergency Medicine (ISICEM) is a renowned event in the medical industry, bringing... Read more

Purification Therapies – From Research to Clinical Evidence

Aferetica held the 3 rd "Purification Therapies" Workshop in Milano from September 30 th to October 1st. The event involved... Read more

Personalising Fluid Therapy in Septic Shock

Volume expansion, the initial therapeutic measure for septic shock, involves the intravenous injection of a few hundred millilitres... Read more


A New Hospital Type: The Rural Emergency Hospital

The Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2021 established the rural emergency hospital to tackle the growing concerns over the... Read more

27th EAHP Congress Begins March 22nd – 24th

The 27th European Association of Hospital Pharmacists (EAHP) Annual Congress will commence from the 22 nd March until the 24... Read more

The Value of Surgeon’s Intuition Compared with a Standardised Risk Calculator

According to a study published in the Journal of the American College of Surgeons, a team of researchers investigated whether... Read more

ICU and Emergency

Non-invasive Oxygenation Strategies for Acute Hypoxaemic Respiratory Failure

Non-invasive oxygenation strategies such as high-flow nasal cannula, continuous positive airway pressure, and non-invasive bilevel... Read more

Functional Outcomes After Invasive Mechanical Ventilation for Older Adults

Invasive mechanical ventilation can be a life-saving treatment, but it has poor short- and long-term outcomes for patients. In... Read more

Role of Nurse-to-Nurse Familiarity on Mortality

Nursing teams play an important role in providing safe and adequate care to critically ill patients in the ICU. The patient-to-nurse... Read more

Radiology and Imaging

ACR Announces New Breast Cancer Screening Recommendations

The American College of Radiology (ACR) have released new breast cancer screening guidelines, recommending earlier and more intensive... Read more

Responses to Breast Density Information Differs by Sociodemographic Profiles

Breast density information aims to increase awareness of breast density and its risks; an understanding of this information helps... Read more

EU Project Promotes Early Detection and Diagnosis of Prostate Cancer

A three-year Pan-European project, known as the PRAISE-U project, aims to reduce morbidity and mortality caused by prostate cancer... Read more

Healthcare IT

UF Health Focused on Development of AI-Based Tools in Radiology

University of Florida (UF) Health researchers embark on an academic-industry partnership to make radiologist’s work more precise... Read more

Electronic Health Information Exchange Use Is Lower for Small and Rural Providers

In the last several years the use of electronic health information exchange among hospitals and physicians has steadily increased.... Read more

New Project Uses AI and Machine Learning to Improve Surgical Care

The Advocate Aurora Research Institute is using KelaHealth’s Surgical Intelligence Platform to combine the capabilities of artificial... Read more


Severe COVID-19 Increases Risk of Ventricular Tachycardia

According to research presented at EHRA 2023, patients with severe COVID-19 requiring mechanical ventilation have an increased... Read more

Inequality in Pricing of Anti-Obesity Medications

A new study suggests that some anti-obesity medications can be produced and sold at much lower prices than their current high... Read more

Is There Any Benefit of Treating High Triglycerides?

Elevated triglyceride levels are linked to a higher risk of cardiovascular events. However, it is unclear if lowering triglyceride... Read more


Researchers Use AI to Triage Patients with Chest Pain

Deep-learning tool significantly improved prediction of adverse outcomes   AI may help improve care for patients who show... Read more

Machine Learning Tool Helps Hospitals Reduce Risk of COVID-19

A machine learning tool has been created to help predict patients at high risk of developing COVID-19. The technology has been... Read more

AI Health Worker Used to Tackle Today’s Public Health Issues

The World Health Organization, with support from the Qatar Ministry of Health, recently launched the AI powered digital health... Read more