Decision Support

Evaluating AI-Supported CDS Systems with Real-World Evidence

A new analysis from the Duke-Margolis Center for Health Policy details the data elements that real-world data (RWD) sources need... Read more

CDS Improves Cardiovascular Health in Patients with Mental Health Disorders

In a study appearing in JAMA Network Open , researchers found that primary care clinicians can significantly lower cardiovascular... Read more

Clinical Decision Support Improve Pneumonia Outcomes

A study published in the  American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine  found that using a clinical decision support (CDS)... Read more

Women's Health

Study Finds Women with Benign Breast Disease Face Long-Term Risk of Breast Cancer

A population-based study, involving 7778,306 women aged 50-69 years, assesses their risk of breast cancer after participating... Read more

Hologic to Showcase Portfolio of Comprehensive Breast and Skeletal Health Solutions at RSNA 2022

New Affirm® Contrast Biopsy Technology Included in the Screening, Diagnosis, Treatment and Monitoring Solutions on Display... Read more

Key Findings in Hologic's Global Womens Health Index

The gap in Index scores between women in high-income and low-income economies nearly doubled between 2020... Read more

Enterprise Imaging

PACS Tool Monitors Learning Opportunities and Callbacks

According to a recent study published in  Current Problems in Diagnostic Radiology , researchers at Brigham and Women’s Hospital... Read more

Join Agfa HealthCare at RSNA 2021 – Redefining Radiology

Join Agfa HealthCare at RSNA 2021 – Redefining Radiology

Agfa HealthCare will be participating at RSNA 2021, November 28th-December 2nd in Chicago, IL, USA.   Agfa HealthCare is committed... Read more

Enterprise Imaging and PACS Systems Trends

Radiology enterprise imaging platforms and picture archiving and communication systems (PACS) have evolved to facilitate workflows. Specifically,... Read more


Remote Ischaemic Conditioning in Septic Shock

Septic shock is one of the most severe complications of any infection. It affects millions of people each year. Studies show... Read more

Abionic Webinar – Guiding Clinical Care Using Pancreatic Stone Protein

The role of Point-of-Care Testing in the Early Identification and Management of Sepsis   Introduction & Welcome On September... Read more

World Sepsis Day

The Global Sepsis Alliance (GSA) and the Sepsis Stiftung joined together to celebrate 10 years of World Sepsis Day on 16 September... Read more


Becoming More Sustainable in Operating Rooms

In the U.S., the healthcare industry is responsible for approximately 10% of all greenhouse gas emissions, with operating rooms... Read more

Malta Launched a National Health Workforce Strategy for the First Time

Malta has recently launched an ambitious strategy to tackle the shortage of health workers, while addressing the much-needed opportunities... Read more

Making Universal Health Coverage A Reality

Universal Health Coverage Day, marked on every 12th December, calls on leaders to accelerate efforts towards building a safe,... Read more

ICU and Emergency

Are Patient Satisfaction Tools Causing Harm to Patients and Physicians?

It is routine practice to evaluate patient satisfaction through surveys. Physicians also regularly monitor their aggregate satisfaction... Read more

Barriers to Nurse-Led Pain Management in ICU

Approximately 58% of patients in the ICU experience pain. Pain can lead to additional consequences, including delirium, decreased... Read more

ICU Diaries and Post-ICU Distress Symptoms

In recent years, health diaries have become an important tool for patients and providers to manage personal health. A health... Read more

Radiology and Imaging

Brain Imaging Data Highlights Relationship Between Weight and Brain Health in Children

A study, led by the University of Yale, assessed brain imaging data from 5,169 children between the ages of nine to ten years... Read more

Thermal Imaging Tool to Screen Chronic Wounds

Researchers at RMIT University and Bolton Clarke Research Institute have a new innovation – a thermal imaging tool to screen... Read more

Trends in Cervical Cancer Screening–Associated Services in Women Over 65

A new study, authored by experts from the University of Illinois Chicago, the University of California San Francisco and the... Read more

Healthcare IT

Machine Learning Tool Helps Hospitals Reduce Risk of COVID-19

A machine learning tool has been created to help predict patients at high risk of developing COVID-19. The technology has been... Read more

High Adopters of AI-Enabled Screening Tool Leads to More Diagnoses of Heart Condition

Mayo Clinic recently released a study demonstrating that clinicians who are high adopters of AI-enabled clinical tools can treat... Read more

Telemedicine Reduces Likelihood of No-Show Visits Among Surgical Patients

A recent study shows that telemedicine helped to lower the rates of no-shows among surgical patients.   The study revealed... Read more


Smartphones Predict Mortality Risk

Physical activity is associated with mortality risk. Several studies have shown that people who engage in more moderate-to-vigorous... Read more

Worsening Heart Disease Because of Global Warming

A new study reports that during the 2019 heatwave, hot temperatures were linked with weight loss in heart failure patients, indicating... Read more

COVID-19 Increases Type 1 Diabetes Diagnosis in Youth

According to a study that analysed electronic health records (EHRs) of more than 1 million patients ages 18 and younger, children... Read more