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Big Data vs. Old Age

Big Data vs. Old Age

The majority of older adults who represent a large part of healthcare patient population have little knowledge about how their personal... Read more

SMART Guidelines for National Digital Health Systems

SMART Guidelines for National Digital Health Systems

WHO has launched its first SMART Guideline approach that includes documentation, procedures and digital health tools.   You might... Read more


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  Mobile apps in healthcare have become increasingly popular over the past decade due to their ease of use and ability to provide quick access to information at any time and place. They are helping people all over the world to stay on top of their health — both physical and mental.    Some examples of these health apps are Fitbit for tracking... Read more

The classic model of a boss, or someone in charge, focusing on command-control, using the style of rewarding or punishing subordinates, has generated an anachronistic experience in managing human capital while building an environment of psychological security, collaboration, and innovation.   These are currently fundamental in the healthcare space.... Read more

Summary   Not only in the U.S., but also in Germany it is a fact that in the current economic situation of service providers, i.e. with the prevailing liquidity bottlenecks, the proof of the above thesis sounds tempting, i.e. a service provider participating in "data marketing".   Obtains valuable information for the treatment of its... Read more

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Thales’s End-to-End Comprehensive Offer for Connected Radiology

2022 15 Jun

As in many sectors, the COVID crisis has substantially changed the way of working, with an increasing need for digital solutions to guaranty continuity of services. The same applies for the medical domain. During the pandemic, clinicians maintained the link with patients, conducting remote consultations, but raising a huge concern with... Read more

Taking the Mystery Out of Machine Learning

2017 06 Apr

Radiologists have been taught to fear machine learning.  It means what it says, a machine can learn.  It is an inherently frightening concept.  It is almost a shame to put such a label on the process, because it is not really new.  Remember Fuzzy Logic?  Neural Networks?  We were all impressed that a computer could recognize the letter “A”, but that... Read more

Digital Transformation in Healthcare Procurement

2023 22 May

The article explores the potential of AI coupled with digital innovation as it pertains to future healthcare procurement. The importance of interoperability and qualification for the Virtual Company Dossier, and the potential benefits of cross-border procurement and digital platforms are discussed in detail. The article also highlights the need... Read more

Internet of Medical Things: Threats and Recommendations

2022 23 Dec

Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) aims to deliver game-changing benefits to  healthcare institutions, patients and society. It supports more accurate diagnoses,   improved treatments, and better availability of care. IoMT systems face challenges,  such as the security of all the interconnected components. This article aims to present a few... Read more

Connected Patients/Informed Clinicians: It’s All About Data, Analytics and Technology

2022 13 Sep

Patients and their families today are expecting more transparency and involvement in their care than ever before. They want to engage with their health, to access their medical records, and to be informed about clinical decisions and options. Clinicians and administrators also have heightened expectations about the data, analytical tools and technology... Read more

DICOM Metadata - A Useful Resource for Big Data Analytics

2022 13 Sep

This article provides an overview of new ways to represent data combining patient access and DICOM information, advanced use of medical imaging metadata, analysis of radiation dose and image segmentation and deep learning for feature engineering to enrich data. Introduction Data is the world’s  most valuable resource  and it is possible... Read more

Teamplay Digital Health Platform for Performance Management in Radiology

2022 08 Jul

An overview of teamplay applications for performance management in radiology and how they offer a clear overview of performance data and facilitate radiology directors or clinical administrators to make fast and well-informed decisions. Key Points The teamplay digital health platform enables digital transformation by facilitating... Read more

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