ENISA Procurement Recommendations on Cybersecurity

ENISA Procurement Recommendations on Cybersecurity

The European Union Agency for Cybersecurity (ENISA) has released cybersecurity guidelines for hospitals when procuring services, products... Read more

Cybersecurity Challenges for Medical Imaging

Cybersecurity issues have been affecting the healthcare sector in recent years. As the use of the internet has expanded over the last two decades,... Read more

Keeping Up with COVID-19 Cyber Criminals

Around the world, health systems have to grapple with the unprecedented challenges spurred by the COVID-19 pandemic. Aggravating the situation... Read more

Medical Device

Medical Device Security Health Check from EU

  Digital healthcare aims to improve delivery of care and outcomes for patients. However, an upward trend in healthcare cyber attacks has... Read more

Staff Training Urgently Needed for Healthcare Cybersecurity

In healthcare, digitalisation is playing increasingly more important role in streamlining processes and workflows to improve patient care.... Read more

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Many private practitioners are deploying information systems in their private medical facilities to take care of various processes such as patient on-boarding, patient record keeping, patient accounts amongst others. However, there is less effort to ensure that these information systems have the necessary controls to safeguard patients records and... Read more

Remote patient monitoring (RPM) is an emerging branch of monitoring technology that may soon upend how patients receive care, similar to how telehealth altered the path of the healthcare industry forever.   Technological advancements are entering the field of healthcare at a rapid pace, with a strong emphasis on remote technologies. Other examples... Read more

A recent report from advisory BDO has highlighted ‘the most underrated cyber threats’ in the healthcare sector. ‘Brace for the Breach’, showed a growing trend in decentralised cyber attacks and nation state cyber attacks on hospitals  in addition to a movement towards c rypto jacking replacing ransomware.   In part 1 of a 2-part... Read more

In the Age of CO-ERA: How Essential is the Human Role in the New AI World?

2023 30 Aug

In a world where AI and robotics are reshaping the landscape of healthcare, the need for close collaboration and sharing among healthcare providers, medical device companies, tech startups, patients, payers, and regulatory bodies becomes paramount. By adopting a co-era healthcare approach, where collaboration and collective effort drive innovation,... Read more

Shifting from Cybersecurity to Cyber Resilience

2023 28 Feb

A paradigm called “Cyber Resilience” includes a long-term defense against cyberattacks. It covers all three phases of a cyberattack, including mitigation techniques, reaction to an incident, and recovery. An organisation’s cyber resilience attempts to lead it through such challenging circumstances and speed up its recovery. Additionally, it seeks... Read more

Is it Safe to Exchange Data?

2022 23 Dec

The Need for Integrated Hospital/Healthcare Organisation Interoperability and Cyber and Information Security Plans One of the biggest health organisation challenges is to protect patient data within but also, and increasingly, in inter-organisational transfer processes. This challenge brings together three interconnected topics which are very important... Read more

Challenges, Strategies and Recommendations to Improve Cybersecurity

2022 23 Dec

Cybersecurity is vital for the effective functioning of healthcare organisations and  protecting private and important patient information and data.  spoke to Dan Brown, Chief Technology Officer, Tim Hill, Global Security and Privacy   Program Manager and Jarius Jackson, Data Protection Officer & Security & Privacy... Read more

Cybersecurity: Preventing the Worst-Case Scenario

2022 23 Dec

Cyber threats and vulnerabilities cannot be completely eliminated as no informatic system is completely impenetrable. However, certain measures can be implemented to limit the likelihood of a breach or reduce its scale and consequences. Effective leaders must focus on building mission-critical systems with the goal of quickly recovering from both... Read more

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