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2024 03 Jan

Christoph Herborn embarks on a new chapter in healthcare leadership, taking the helm as CEO at HCD HealthCare & Diagnostics GmbH. With a rich history in medical administration and innovation, Prof Herborn brings extensive experience to his new role. His journey spans from directorial positions in renowned clinics to pivotal roles in healthcare organisations,...Read more

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2024 25 Mar

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Artificial Intelligence


2023 28 Nov

  The impact of technology and artificial intelligence (AI) on executive leadership in healthcare is a multifaceted and dynamic subject that has garnered significant attention in recent years. In an interview with CNN in April 2023, Elon Musk warned that artificial intelligence could lead to the destruction of civilisation. What does AI mean for...Read more

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2023 27 Oct

Dr Muna A. Tahlak begins her two-year term as the 36th President of the International Hospital Federation (IHF) – a global non-profit, membership organization representing hospitals and healthcare associations across the globe. Dr Tahlak was elected in November 2021 and has served two years as President Designate before taking up the position of President...Read more

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2023 27 Oct

Abstract submissions are now being accepted for the 47th World Hospital Congress, which takes place from 10 to 12 September 2024 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.   The World Hospital Congress is an annual event, organized by the International Hospital Federation (IHF), and held in different regions of the world. The Congress brings together hospital...Read more

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2023 25 Oct

The 46th World Hospital Congress officially opened today under the High Patronage of the President of the Portuguese Republic. Over 1300 delegates from 89 countries gathered for the Congress, which takes place from 25 to 27 October in Lisbon, Portugal.   Deborah J. Bowen, IHF President and President and CEO of the American College of Healthcare...Read more

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2024 27 Aug

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2023 11 Oct

Building a Sustainable, Inclusive and Digital Health System Read more

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2023 25 Sep

Joe Rudisill joined HCA Florida Englewood Hospital as the new chief executive officer (CEO). He brings more than 16 years of healthcare leadership and operations experience.   Rudisill comes to HCA Florida Englewood Hospital from Mission Hospital, an 815-bed HCA Healthcare facility in Asheville, North Carolina,‌ where he served as chief operating...Read more

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2022 09 Aug

Getz adds 25 Years of Financial and Healthcare Leadership to Growing Company VitalConnect®, Inc. , a leader in remote and in-hospital wearable biosensor technology announced the addition of Heather C. Getz, CPA, MBA, to its Board of Directors. Getz brings more than 25 years of corporate experience creating long-term value through financial,...Read more

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2022 28 Mar

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2022 28 Mar

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2020 20 Apr

CANCELLED DUE TO COVID-19 HEALTH CONCERNS Follow the Patient Experience Conference 2020 on Social Media Read more

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2020 21 Sep

POSTPONED DUE TO COVID-19 HEALTH CONCERNS NEW DATES: SEPTEMBER 21-22, 2020 Find GCC Healthcare Innovation Congress on Social Media Read more

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2019 22 May

A leadership model for the health care sector   In medical institutions, leaders are required to ensure, through delegation of responsibility, that working conditions are characterised by interdisciplinary thinking, team-oriented work and ongoing improvement.   Leaders in the health sector must be aware of the fact that hospitals operate...Read more

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2019 29 Mar

The 43rd World Hospital Congress of the International Hospital Federation will bring health leaders from around the globe together in Oman in November to discuss the importance of people-centered health services in times of peace and crisis.   The World Hospital Congress is a unique global forum where leaders of national and international hospital...Read more

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2019 04 Mar

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2019 18 Mar

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2018 14 Nov

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2018 20 Feb

An interview with Dr. Umesh Prabhu.  Leading NHS medical director, Dr. Umesh Prabhu on what a hospital can do to improve patient safety – yesterday. Patient safety is a critical area of focus for all healthcare institutions, requiring involvement from all levels, from the board to individual staff members on the frontline, Dr Umesh Prabhu,...Read more

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2018 25 Jan

  Th e way forward for US healthcar e   Experts draw their conclusions on the American health system and what needs to be done to eradicate the many problems that continue to manifest.   In a recently published book, health leaders Dr. Denis Cortese and Antony Bell offer a radical overview of the dissatisfaction of the...Read more

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2018 26 Mar

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2017 30 Jun

Recently, Modern Healthcare published its list of the 50 most influential physician executives and leaders. The list included only seven women. There were seven in 2016, nine in 2015, and eight in 2014. Women comprise less than 10 percent of that list. As you will see, the math does not add up. You might also like : Women in Leadership in Intensive...Read more

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2017 16 Feb

Why Executive Presence is Compulsory for Highly-Qualified Healthcare Professionals Today, healthcare professionals routinely receive executive appointments, achieve C-Suite status and join the elite ranks of Boards of Directors. These highly qualified professionals from multiple disciplines carry authority, experience and, often, prestigious...Read more

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2017 16 Feb

Healthcare organizations do a phenomenal job. Today, an increasing number of diseases are treated successfully and people enjoy a better quality of life even into old age. Yet, while much is being done to discover new ways to improve patients' lives, we now see radical changes to structures, incentives, and processes within healthcare to sustain provision...Read more

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2015 17 Dec Top Management & Leadership Tips publishes the latest on cutting edge practice in healthcare management across our Imaging, ICU, Admin, IT and Cardiology platforms contributed from top experts around the world. We’ve compiled a list of the best management tips we’ve received from our valued contributors...Read more