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Patient Experience Conference 2022 - Elevate PX

2022 28 Mar

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2022 Congress on Healthcare Leadership

2022 28 Mar

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Patient Experience Conference 2020

2020 20 Apr

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7th Annual Healthcare Innovation Congress

2020 21 Sep

POSTPONED DUE TO COVID-19 HEALTH CONCERNS NEW DATES: SEPTEMBER 21-22, 2020 Find GCC Healthcare Innovation Congress on Social Media Read more

Value-oriented management

2019 22 May

A leadership model for the health care sector   In medical institutions, leaders are required to ensure, through delegation of responsibility, that working conditions are characterised by interdisciplinary thinking, team-oriented work and ongoing improvement.   Leaders in the health sector must be aware of the fact that hospitals operate... Read more

Global health leaders to come together at the 43rd IHF World Hospital Congress

2019 29 Mar

The 43rd World Hospital Congress of the International Hospital Federation will bring health leaders from around the globe together in Oman in November to discuss the importance of people-centered health services in times of peace and crisis.   The World Hospital Congress is a unique global forum where leaders of national and international hospital... Read more

ACHE Congress on Healthcare Leadership 2019

2019 04 Mar

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Patient Experience Excellence Congress

2019 18 Mar

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