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2024 20 Mar

HealthManagement is thrilled to announce the appointment of Harvey Castro, MD, MBA, as a new member of our esteemed Editorial Board. With a distinguished career in healthcare, entrepreneurship, and healthcare management, Dr Castro brings a wealth of experience and expertise.   Born and raised in New York City, Dr Castro's early life taught him the...Read more

IT Management

2022 09 Aug

Getz adds 25 Years of Financial and Healthcare Leadership to Growing Company VitalConnect®, Inc. , a leader in remote and in-hospital wearable biosensor technology announced the addition of Heather C. Getz, CPA, MBA, to its Board of Directors. Getz brings more than 25 years of corporate experience creating long-term value through financial,...Read more

IT Management

2015 27 Jul

As the baby boomers in healthcare leadership are starting to retire, some experts believe the generational transition in healthcare managers will bring profound changes. The incoming generation's preference for quick decisions and attachment to social media, the experts note, can be a good thing for healthcare management. Baby boomers brought with...Read more