HealthManagement is thrilled to announce the appointment of Harvey Castro, MD, MBA, as a new member of our esteemed Editorial Board. With a distinguished career in healthcare, entrepreneurship, and healthcare management, Dr Castro brings a wealth of experience and expertise.

Born and raised in New York City, Dr Castro's early life taught him the importance of resilience and ambition. His journey led him to pursue a career in medicine, ultimately becoming a physician and later serving as CEO of a healthcare system.

Currently serving as a Strategic Advisor for GPT & Healthcare, Dr Castro is at the forefront of the healthcare AI revolution. He specializes in orchestrating AI adoption plans, bridging the technology-healthcare divide, empowering physicians, and optimizing healthcare delivery systems.

As an accomplished author and dynamic speaker, Dr Castro is dedicated to educating and inspiring others about the transformative role of AI in healthcare. His unique blend of experiences in healthcare, physician collaboration and cutting-edge technologies provides invaluable insights.

We are delighted to welcome Dr Castro to the HealthManagement family. His expertise in healthcare management and his passion for innovation will undoubtedly enhance our editorial team’s ability to keep delivering high-quality content and strategic insights to our readers to empower them to innovate, inspire, and shape the future of healthcare.

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