HealthManagement, Volume 23 - Issue 3, 2023


The goal of healthcare is to promote and maintain the well-being of individuals and communities by preventing, diagnosing, treating, and managing diseases, injuries, and other health conditions. Healthcare aims to improve patient’s quality of life, enhance their life expectancy, and ensure they can have access to the services and interventions needed to stay healthy. Achieving these goals requires an organised healthcare system, with the natural support of healthcare workers, adequate financial resources and commitment to quality.


In this issue, our contributors discuss (non)Profitability in Healthcare and how healthcare organisations can afford to provide care, balance costs and quality, continue to fund medical education and research and ensure access to care for all.


Begoña San José talks about a shift in the traditional mindset towards a for-value healthcare model, which could provide a more valuable and sustainable healthcare system. Louise Knight and co-authors discuss the power of healthcare procurement and how it can impact affordability, quality and innovativeness in healthcare.


Arthur Ajwang and co-authors talk about the disparities in healthcare between low-, middle, and high-income countries and how differences in wealth and income, lack of medical infrastructure and basic diagnostics affect early cancer diagnosis and patient outcomes.


Donna Prosser addresses the issue of patient safety and highlights the financial pressure for healthcare leaders and healthcare organisations and the importance of understanding the relationship between financial health, patient safety and quality of care. Michael Ramsay also highlights the high costs of medical errors and the importance of instituting patient safety practices and reaching zero harm by creating a safety culture in healthcare.


Hans Erik Henriksen discusses the challenge of an ageing population and an increase in chronic illness and how hospitals need to redefine their role as physical hospitals and embrace virtual hospital concepts to address the increasing demand for healthcare services and rising costs. Alistair Fleming talks about the new era of healthcare and healthier at-home solutions that can deliver hospital care at home and help alleviate demand, improve health equity and increase patient quality of life. This is certainly an expanding area with more and more new devices and gadgets being introduced in the healthcare system.


Christian Kollman talks about the trustworthiness of Artificial Intelligence in ultrasound and the use of validation and regulatory procedures to ensure proper monitoring and improvement of AI algorithms while incorporating clinical expertise.


So-Yung Straga underlines the importance of the patient experience throughout the healthcare process and for healthcare systems to prioritise patient-centred care. Jeff Ernste talks about the complex web of healthcare regulations and how background checks and compliance play a critical role when handling patient information.


Tamara Biederman and co-authors discuss performance measurement in healthcare and using the Balanced Scorecard to analyse and organise data, make better decisions and improve strategic implementation. Attilio Tulimiero talks about the need for close collaboration and sharing among healthcare providers, medical device companies, tech startups, patients, payers, and regulatory bodies to drive innovation, integrated and patient-centric medical solutions.


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