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ICU Management

Redefining the role of hospitals - innovating in population health

2018 21 Aug

The 27th EAHM Congress looks at providing healthcare to a changing population and adapting to digitisation With the 27th European Association of Hospital Managers (EAHM) Congress being held in Cascais, Lisbon at the end of September, HealthManagement interviews Alexandre Lourenço, President of hosting organisation, the Portuguese Association... Read more

Executive Health Management

Doctors and patients harnessing the healing power of stories

2018 20 Mar

"What patients bring to their clinicians is their stories," writes behavioural scientist Thomas Egnew. It is through these stories that clinicians try to understand and treat patients' health. In his article published in Annals of Family Medicine, the author highlights the importance of "narrative medicine" in managing patient suffering resulting from... Read more

ICU Management

Critical Care at the End of Life: A Study of Cost and Outcomes

2017 07 Jun

New research indicates that the majority of individuals admitted to ICU at the end of life are elderly and burdened by chronic illness. The existing medical literature indicates that this is the exact type of population that would be expected to do worse in the ICU, researchers note. The study also shows that a significant proportion of those with... Read more

Executive Health Management

Better Outcomes in Elderly but Care Integration Needed

2016 21 Mar

Better Outcomes in Elderly but Care Integration Needed A recent study published in the International Journal of Surgery focuses on challenges the National Health System (NHS) in England face when treating elderly patients in emergency care. Ageing increases the propensity to chronic disease that leads to challenging decision making in... Read more

Health Management

2015 28 Apr

Michael Ferguson is the co-founder and CEO of Ayogo, a Vancouver-based digital health company that has raised nearly $2.5 million to boost sales and marketing for a gaming platform that is designed to encourage people with chronic conditions to stay on their health care plans. Michael Fergusson is not your typical CEO. With his dreadlocked mane... Read more