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HealthTech Innovation Days

2020 05 Oct

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Executive Health Management

AHA Leadership Summit 2021

2021 22 Jul

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Health Management

Through Crisis to Better Healthcare

2020 03 Aug

The COVID-19 ‘stress test’ has highlighted the shortcomings of healthcare systems worldwide. In Eastern Europe, the need is evident for the hospitals to upgrade on every level, from their infrastructures to their processes. spoke to Konstantinos Deligiannis, who leads the activities of GE Healthcare in the region, about comprehensive... Read more

Health Management

COVID-19 from the Perspective of Telemedicine

2020 23 Jun

A retired physician offers insights into COVID-19 telemedicine following a stint volunteering for a telephone support service for patients with the disease. After years of serving as a primary healthcare services manager in Barcelona and promoting the use of ICT, in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, I decided to volunteer as a... Read more

Executive Health Management

AGM Acute & General Medicine 2020 Live

2020 10 Nov

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IT Management

Future Healthcare Exhibition & Conference 2021

2021 17 Mar

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Executive Health Management

Spotlight On: Sutter Health Fights Pneumonia One Toothbrush at a Time

2020 23 Apr

Pneumonia can be deadly in a hospital setting. Two main factors contribute to the approximately 20 percent mortality rate of this healthcare-associated infection (HAI). First, whatever condition brought the patient to the hospital in the first place has likely weakened them, making the patient more vulnerable to the illness. Plus, the germs that patients... Read more

IT Management

COVID19 & Tech: Will Every Business Become Health Business?

2020 15 Apr

A professional services company has said that technology will assist companies across all sectors be health focused after COVID-19 crisis passes.   Accenture, headquartered in Dublin, has said companies will have to put measures in place once employees return to work to ensure a secure and healthy environment.   You might also like: MIT Monitoring... Read more