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Healthcare Executive Alliance: Insights For Healthcare Leadership

2017 16 Feb

Healthcare organizations do a phenomenal job. Today, an increasing number of diseases are treated successfully and people enjoy a better quality of life even into old age. Yet, while much is being done to discover new ways to improve patients' lives, we now see radical changes to structures, incentives, and processes within healthcare to sustain provision... Read more

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Africa Health Business Symposium 2017

2017 01 Feb

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Executive Health Management

22nd Congress of the European Association of Hospital Pharmacists

2017 26 Jan

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Experimental Biology 2017

2017 24 Jan

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GOP-led Congress Seen Prioritising ACA Repeal

2017 03 Jan

  Eager to prove that they can keep their campaign promises, GOP leaders are expected to make revocation of key ACA provisions a top priority when the 115th Congress convenes in early January. For instance, party leaders have expressed their intention to scrap the mandate requiring people to enrol in health coverage as soon as possible.    A bare-bones budget... Read more

Executive Health Management

2017 02 Jan

We now live longer but increased life expectancy has led to more pressure on healthcare services. The Design Council in the UK is involved in an innovative new drive to improve the experience for all concerned. Called Transform Ageing this new cross-sector initiative brings together people in later life, social entrepreneurs and health and social care leaders... Read more

IT Management

Tips for Hiring Top HIT Staff

2016 27 Dec

  Hospitals do what they can to recruit the best doctors and nurses. However, it's just as important to attract the right people to take care of your hospital’s IT needs.  With all the pending healthcare technology initiatives from the federal government, including an increased focus on interoperability with electronic health records(EHR) systems, it’s... Read more

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Our Top Management & Leadership Tips for 2017

2016 19 Dec publishes the latest on cutting edge practice in healthcare management across our Imaging, Admin, IT and Cardiology platforms contributed from top experts around the world. We’ve compiled a list of top management tips we’ve received from our valued contributors in 2016 to inspire you for the New Year. Read on and enjoy!   “Talk... Read more

IT Management

Stronger CMO-CIO Collaboration Needed

2016 12 Dec

  Consumerism is a growing trend in healthcare. Today, consumers are directly paying for more of their healthcare costs, both for the care itself and insurance coverage. In particular, only 48 percent of healthcare payer customers get their insurance from their employer. This means more consumers are covered by federal programmes (e.g., Medicare) or... Read more