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Challenging Paradigms: Practising at the Top of Your Licence

2017 21 Aug

Is a division of labour approach in which health professionals limit their practices to the top of their licence and training best for high-quality, patient-centred care?   The industrial revolution has come to healthcare. Old paradigms—from routine physicals to even the concept of the doctor as the captain of the ship—are being challenged as we try... Read more

Executive Health Management

3 Healthcare Sector HIT Trends

2017 09 Aug

Technology plays a big role in revolutionising healthcare management. As IT investment continues to grow, it will be good to know which software and tech trends are dominating the medical field. Patient scheduling software, smartwatches that detect heart disease and marketing automation tools are among the major software and tech trends that are changing... Read more

Executive Health Management

Where are the Women?

2017 02 Aug

A new study presents one area where gender inequality in healthcare is observed: women are ignored when it comes to medical society awards. According to the study, there is a zero or near-zero representation of women physicians among recognition award recipients across a range of medical specialities.  You might also like: Why Healthcare Needs More... Read more

Executive Health Management

2017 25 Jul

Tremendous progress has been made in healthcare over the last forty years. However there are still three outstanding problems which are found in every health service no matter how they are structured and funded.   One of these problems is huge and unwarranted variation in access, quality, cost and outcome, and this reveals a further two:    Underuse... Read more

IT Management

2017 19 Jul

I have been a member of Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) for many years but when at conferences, still, I am met with disbelief when people ask me about my field of work and I reply: "I am a physician".  Admittedly my one-in-three on call days are behind me and my focus has shifted to the more theoretical, academic field of Digital... Read more

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Healthcare Hires Soar

2017 11 Jul

More jobs have been added to the U.S. healthcare sector, with 36,500 new workers hired in June, surpassing the 20,600 new jobs created in May. The majority of the new hires in June were concentrated in ambulatory care services, which added 26,000 jobs. Hospitals added 11,700 jobs.You might also like: Hiring Ex-Criminals for HealthcareDespite the remarkable... Read more

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Fake News Woes in Healthcare

2017 06 Jul

Social media platforms and other modern channels of communication make it easier for people to interact and share information. The problem comes when these communication channels and devices are used to circulate false or misleading information, including "fake" healthcare news.The number of patients influenced or confused by research or misleading... Read more

IT Management

Artificial Intelligence: Explosive Growth

2017 28 Jun

Artificial intelligence is fast becoming integrated in the delivery of healthcare, and increasing use of the technology is expected to result in quality improvement and cost reduction. A new study shows that a variety of clinical AI applications will translate into savings of up to $150 billion in healthcare costs over the next 10 years.   The technology... Read more

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Saving Millions with Predictive Analytics

2017 12 Jun

Predictive analytics is increasingly becoming an important tool in healthcare, especially in terms of improving workflow efficiency. In a new Society of Actuaries survey, 89 percent of healthcare executives say they plan to start, or expand current analytics initiatives, in the next five years. These executives are eyeing big returns from the projects,... Read more