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Digital learning and the cardiologist of the future

2019 15 Feb

The European Society of Cardiology (ESC) is a leader in the field of cardiology education and has recently laid down its vision for how to improve education for trainees as well as certified cardiologists. Although the ESC has an action plan for how to integrate electronic health services into patient care,the rapidly evolving field of digital... Read more

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Cardiology World Conference 2019

2019 24 Oct

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CPC - Portuguese Congress of Cardiology 2019

2019 27 Apr

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Annual Heart Rhythm Congress

2019 06 Oct

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Heart Failure 2019

2019 25 May

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The role of social media in cardiology

2018 12 Dec

Social media #SoMe can now be considered one of the most important methods of communication in healthcare, especially in cardiology. Twitter, in particular, is gaining increasing popularity among clinicians, scientists, and researchers.  Currently there are a total of 326 million Twitter users . Some 100 million of these users are active... Read more

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Role of leadership development in cardiology

2018 19 Nov

The healthcare landscape is becoming increasingly complex day by day and with this complexity come new challenges for clinicians, especially cardiovascular fellows in training (FITs) and early career professionals (ECPs). As the healthcare industry continues to change, the lack of training in nonclinical competencies becomes more evident. ... Read more

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Where are the women in cardiology?

2018 17 Nov

Despite continued focus on gender equality and equal opportunities for men and women, women continue to remain a minority in cardiology. The "residency to fellowship cliff" as labelled by Pamela Douglas, Chair of the American College of Cardiology (ACC) Task on Diversity, may have something to do with this as only about 21% of cardiology fellows... Read more