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Smart Circulator or Value-Driven Perspective for Patients?

2021 12 Jul

Cardiology is a discipline with many opportunities; however, replacing the physician is ethically impermissible and machines must follow the measure of ethics. Only then can smart cardiology save and improve lives and make an important contribution in the world. Key Points Smart medicine, like all other technological innovations, must serve... Read more

Cardiology Management

TVT 2021 The Structural Heart Summit

2021 20 Jul

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Cardiology Management

25th Annual Congress of EACVI EuroEcho 2021

2021 08 Dec

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ICU Management

PCICS Annual International Meeting 2021

2021 20 Sep

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Health Management

Volume 21 - Issue 4, 2021

2021 01 Jun

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Executive Health Management

Telecardiology: What Could be Next?

2021 01 Jun

The new way to monitor health With the COVID-19 pandemic and the lockdowns and restrictions of physical contact, many cardiovascular scientific associations and journals started to speak about telemedicine solutions, but many highlighted that no telecardiology programme could be created overnight. In cardiology, the branch of telecardiology is well... Read more

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Cardiology World Conference 2021

2021 17 Sep

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EHRA Congress 2021

2021 23 Apr

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NASCI Annual Meeting 2021

2021 18 Sep

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Cardiology Management

BSCI/BSCCT Spring Meeting 2021

2021 12 Sep

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