• Rui Pedro Almeida

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    Email —  ******@***ualg.pt
    Professor in the Medical Imaging and Radiotherapy Department Health School University of Algarve Faro, Portugal
    Radiographer Centro Hospitalar do Algarve Faro, Portugal
    Vice-president Portuguese Association of Medical Imaging and Radiotherapy (APIMR)

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  • Effects of smoking on carotid artery structures and haemodynamics

    • 21/08/2018

    Role of radiographer in ultrasound assessment. A study to assess and compare structural and haemodynamic parameters in carotid arteries in smokers and non-smokers using ultrasound. The goal of this research was to assess the effect of tobacco on structural and haemodynamic parameters in carotid arteries. 103 subjects (51 smokers and 52 non-smokers) were evaluated by a trained radiographer...

  • Effects of an internal and participatory intervention

    • 09/11/2017

    Improving the radiological image   Prof. Rui Almeida gives an analysis on his research which was applied to general radiology exams.   The main goal of this research was to assess the effect of an internal and participative intervention aimed through the implementation of best practices and quality improvement applied to general radiology exams. Therefore, a quality improvement cyc

  • Radioprotection in Chest CT: An Approach with Bismuth Breast Shield

    • 07/05/2017

    The main goal of this study was to assess the viability of the bismuth breast shield in chest computed tomography (CT ) examinations. Dose measurements on a phantom (Cardinal Health 76 415) with an ionisation chamber were performed with and without bismuth breast protection in different configurations using the routine chest CT protocol. Image quality control was performed using a phantom (Gammex...

  • Scatter Radiation Exposure During Mobile X-Ray Examinations

    • 16/02/2017

    The main goal of this research was to quantify scatter radiation exposure from mobile x-ray examinations. The simulation consisted of reproducing the technical conditions for the chest anteroposterior (AP) examination in supine and semi-supine positions as well as for the abdomen tangential projection, using a full body anthropomorphic phantom and an x-ray detector. For distances above 1m, the national...

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