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Fewer Screenings, but More Serious Cases in Italian Community Hospitals

2021 16 Mar

Italy was one of the first European countries to face the Covid-19 pandemic. The first lockdown came into effect on 9 March 2020, to flatten the curve of contagion. These measures had a huge impact on all levels of medical practice. A study was conducted to  examine how the workload of radiological examinations changed during the pandemic and how... Read more

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Global Trends for MRI: Fast Forward to 2024

2021 01 Mar

The Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) market is diversifying with momentum in the privatisation trend, according to Frost & Sullivan’s recent analysis, Technological Advancements and Emerging Applications in the Global Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Market, Forecast to 2024. This study finds that increased public-private partnerships and near-placement... Read more

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Tech for Health: Share, Talk, Treat: #HealthTech Dialogue Hub

2021 01 Mar

The Novartis Foundation launched its HealthTech Dialogue Hub on 23 February 2021 to promote technology driven healthcare solutions and Artificial Intelligence (AI). This learning hub will host events, share lessons learned and best practices from the roll out of technology-enabled innovations, such as virtual doctors, e-health trackers and online prescriptions.... Read more

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Wireless Data Collection Against COVID-19

2020 05 Nov

A joined initiative in Singapore is developing an open-sourced system that wirelessly collects oxygen levels data from pulse oximeters and presents it on a dashboard, aiming to boost COVID-19 fight.   You might also like: Wearables Data for COVID-19 Detection   Availability of well-structured, easy-to-read health... Read more

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Volume 20 - Issue 8, 2020

2020 22 Oct

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Effects of COVID-19 on Breast Cancer Screening, Treatment & Care

2020 02 Oct

Many countries have paused their breast cancer screening programmes because of COVID-19. Findings from a new study presented at the 12th European Breast Cancer Conference suggests that the disruption to screening could result in an increase in the proportion of women who die of breast cancer. However, the researchers point out that this risk could... Read more

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Radiology Practice in a Post-Pandemic World

2020 30 Jul

Radiology practice has been significantly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. There has been a sharp decline in imaging volume and a significant increase in remote working. There have also been changes in clinical operations in radiology departments across the world. As some regions begin to stabilise, radiologists are slowly returning to their... Read more

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Better Insight*, Better Peace of Mind

2019 26 Aug

Enhanced diagnostic accuracy of screening mammography with the use of Artificial Intelligence   Breast cancer is the most frequent cancer among women, with an estimated incidence of 560,000 cases in 2018, in Europe. 1 The World Health Organisation (WHO) estimated that 627,000 women worldwide, 2 out of which 150.0002 only in Europe, died from... Read more