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2013 05 Mar

Many physicians have long believed that the use of intravenous contrast agents for CT scans can cause acute kidney injury . New Mayo Clinic research questions the strength of the causal link between the two. The findings from two tandem studies are published online in the journal Radiology . The first study examined all previous research that...Read more

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2013 15 Mar

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2013 08 Mar

At this year’s European Congress of Radiology (ECR, March 7th – 11th 2013, Vienna) Unfors RaySafe presents the new software solution RaySafe S1 for the first time in Europe: The cloud-based solution enables efficient dose management within diagnostic imaging process at hospitals. By providing accurate and easy-to-use radiologic information, RaySafe...Read more

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2013 09 Mar

The use of advanced imaging shortly after the onset of acute stroke failed to identify a subgroup of patients who could benefit from a clot-removal procedure, a study has found. The randomized controlled trial known as Mechanical Retrieval and Recanalization of Stroke Clots Using Embolectomy (MR RESCUE) was funded by the National Institute of...Read more

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2013 21 Mar

Fewer breast imaging facilities in the United States, in addition to ongoing controversies surrounding breast cancer screening, has suppressed growth in the U.S. breast imaging systems market, according to Frost & Sullivan. However, analysts anticipate modest expansion, driven by the increasing demand for breast imaging equipment due to the growing...Read more

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2013 21 Mar

According to Millennium Research Group (MRG), the global authority on medical technology market intelligence, interventional cardiologists looking for ways to improve outcomes and avoid unnecessary revascularisation procedures are looking carefully at the available clinical evidence supporting the use of intravascular and assessment devices. These...Read more

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2013 02 Apr

A recent article describes a system for including patient photographs alongside their medical imaging examinations. The authors discuss a specific implementation built around an Android-based system for simultaneously acquiring digital photographs with portable radiographs. By an innovative application of radiofrequency identification technology...Read more

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2013 03 Apr

The European League Against Rheumatism (EULAR) has published evidence-based recommendations on the use of imaging of the joints in the clinical management of rheumatoid arthritis (RA). The task force of experts included rheumatologists, radiologists, methodologists and experienced rheumatology practitioners from 13 countries. Thirteen key questions...Read more

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2013 08 Apr

A new market research report "Optical Imaging Market (2013-2018) - Technology Trends And Applications Of Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT), Hyper Spectral Imaging (HSI), Near Infrared Spectroscopy (NIRS) And Photo- Acoustic Tomography (PAT) In Clinical Diagnostics, Clinical Research And Life Sciences With Market Landscape Analysis - Estimates Up To...Read more

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2013 09 Apr

The American College of Radiology (ACR) and the American College of Cardiology Foundation (ACCF) have published a method to define appropriate use of cardiovascular imaging. The goal is to create a series of documents to define the utility of cardiovascular imaging procedures in relation to specific clinical questions, with the aim of defining what,...Read more

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2013 11 Apr

Improved imaging devices and adoption of PACS in hospitals has dramatically improved the ability to digitally share medical image studies via portable storage, mobile devices and the Internet. However, many of these systems are proprietary vendor-specific applications. In addition there are still interoperability and deployment issues which reduce...Read more

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2013 15 Mar

Mobile medical imaging technologies are consistently changing the healthcare landscape. With ageing societies and increasing disease incidence on the one hand, and efforts towards cutting down healthcare expenditure and shortage of practitioners on the other, mobile medical imaging solutions are gaining momentum. This is especially because a large...Read more

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2013 19 Apr

Siemens Healthcare Customer Services is providing remote real-time support and troubleshooting at Nuffield Health Leeds Hospital in the UK, through its syngo® Remote Assist customer support platform. The hospital recently installed a ceiling-mounted Artis zeeTM interventional imaging system from Siemens Healthcare to enhance angiography imaging and...Read more

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2013 22 Apr

A recent article published online in BMC Medicine reviews advances in imaging for bladder cancer. CT and MRI are standard modalities currently and are central to staging. The development of functional imaging such as dynamic contrast-enhanced MRI, diffusion-weighted MRI and positron emission tomography (PET)-CT allows characterisation of tumour physiology...Read more

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2013 07 Mar

Healthcare professionals are becoming increasingly convinced of the benefits of personalised medicine (PM), a patient-centred approach in which the patient receives the right treatment at the right time. Radiologists should fully understand how this new idea will influence their work in the coming years, said Professor Gabriel P. Krestin, president...Read more

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2013 29 Apr

Joint European Crohn's and Colitis Organisation (ECCO) and European Society of Gastrointestinal and Abdominal Radiology (ESGAR) evidence-based consensus guidelines have been published online in the Journal of Crohn's and Colitis.  Endoscopy is a well-established and uniformly performed diagnostic examination for inflammatory bowel disease (IBD)....Read more

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2013 30 Apr

Quantel Medical has launched two new diagnostic ultrasound probes to their flagship ultrasound platform, Aviso™. The new probes offer improved diagnosis capability for posterior and anterior segment ophthalmic conditions. The 50 MHz high-frequency ultrasound biomicroscope (UBM) probe now includes a state-of-the art magnetic transducer. The scanning...Read more

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2013 02 May

Siemens Healthcare Customer Services is supporting Spire Southampton Hospital’s diagnostic imaging department through the use of a new remote troubleshooting service - syngo® Remote Assist. The hospital uses a SOMATOM® Definition AS CT system from Siemens Healthcare to perform a number of imaging exams. It was recently required to undertake a challenging...Read more

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2013 10 May

Molecular breast imaging (MBI), also known as breast-specific gamma imaging (BSGI), is a relatively new form of breast cancer detection conducted by injecting the patient in the arm with a specialised tracer and then obtaining images of the tracer distribution using detectors. The imaging procedure is similar to that of mammography, but with significantly...Read more

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2013 08 May

A recently published review article in the open access journal Cardiovascular Ultrasound, considers the true cost of cardiovascular imaging. The authors argue that the true cost should include long term costs from imaging examinations, such as the extra cancer caused by medical radiation, environmental damage from imaging paraphernalia and radioactive...Read more

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2013 13 May

Microwave imaging can be used to monitor how well treatment for breast cancer is working, finds new research published in BioMed Central’s open access journal Breast Cancer Research. Microwave tomography, a low cost and repeatable technique, was able to distinguish between breast cancer, benign growths, and normal tissue. Eight women with breast...Read more

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2013 16 May

With newer developments in imaging technologies, it is now becoming possible to assess not only the total amount of fat, but also its distribution in the body. A recent review article in Diabetes Technology & Therapeutics  considers imaging of body fat and body composition using different techniques and the role of computed tomography (CT), magnetic...Read more

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2013 17 May

A recently published study funded by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research looks at the appropriateness of spinal imaging in Canada, against a background of increasing costs of diagnostic imaging, and the need to find efficiencies.  An estimated 50–80 percent of the adult population will experience spine related complaints such as low back...Read more

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2013 20 May

A best practice guide on referring patients for imaging has been published by the Royal College of General Practitioners, the Royal College of Radiologists and the Society and College of Radiographers in the UK. The guide outlines improvements for patients by ensuring that timely and appropriate medical imaging services such as scans are provided to...Read more

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2013 24 May

Novation, the leading hospital and health care supply chain expertise, analytics and contracting company for the members of VHA Inc., UHC, Children's Hospital Association, and Provista LLC, has released its 2013 Diagnostic Imaging Watch. The report, peer-reviewed by the medical doctors, clinicians and engineers who are members of Novation's Diagnostic...Read more

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2013 29 May

Agfa HealthCare has announced it has been awarded a new contract to provide a full spectrum of radiology, cardiology and enterprise imaging solutions to Novation, a leading healthcare supply chain expertise and contracting services company.   The three-year agreement is effective May 1, 2013 through April 30, 2016. Included in the extensive list...Read more

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2013 30 May

PACSGEAR has announced ModLink™, a software solution that transfers structured report measurements directly into PowerScribe 360 | Reporting from Nuance. Using DICOM Structured Report (SR), HL7, or XML measurement data from modalities such as ultrasound, DEXA, or CT, ModLink auto-populates the report with these values, saving valuable dictation time...Read more

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2013 04 Jun

Using a point of order decision support tool to order imaging tests for patients with suspected coronary artery disease enabled fast decision-making on what test to order and  led to increased testing for appropriate indications and decreased testing for inappropriate indications The study, published in the American Journal of Cardiology evaluated...Read more

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2013 04 Jun

A new report by Global Industry Analysts on the US and European Computer Aided Detection (CAD) markets has been released. The CAD market in the US is projected to reach US$323 million by 2018, driven by increasing prevalence of cancer, proven efficiency of the technology in breast cancer detection, and development of advanced technologies. CAD...Read more

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2013 11 Jun

Football players who 'head' the ball with high frequency demonstrate poorer performance on memory tests and have brain abnormalities similar to those found in traumatic brain injury patients, according to a study published online in the journal Radiology . "We chose to study soccer players, because soccer is the most popular sport worldwide,"...Read more