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29th World Congress on Ultrasound in Obstetrics and Gynecology

2019 12 Oct

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Imaging applications of artificial intelligence

2018 07 Nov

The potential impact of artificial intelligence in radiology is impressive; vendors and major academic centres are developing a wide array of artificial intelligence applications and neural networks to aid radiologists in clinical diagnosis and clinical decision support. Artificial intelligence (AI) is one of the trending topics in medicine... Read more

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AHRA 2019 Annual Meeting and Exposition

2019 21 Jul

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Follow-up breast cancer imaging widely variable, U.S. study finds

2018 22 Sep

No consensus on surveillance imaging after treatment. Geography affects what post-treatment imaging women with low-risk breast cancer receive in the United States. Astudy that analysed follow-up imaging received by women with non-metastatic breast cancer found wide variation across the United States. Of concern was that many low-risk... Read more

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Establishing competence in radiology

2018 22 Sep

A UK perspective. Competence in radiology is established by the end of training by a variety of summative and formative assessments, collated within an e-portfolio alongside annual educational supervisors’ reports and review of competence progression. In the United Kingdom training in clinical radiology is undertaken... Read more

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20th Annual Breast Imaging and Interventions Update

2018 26 Oct

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2018 17 Sep

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