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Executive Health Management

Outsourcing In Clinical Trials East Coast 2022

2022 24 Apr

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IT Management

LSX World Congress 2022

2022 10 May

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Executive Health Management

i-Pharma 2022, 3rd International Pharmaceutical Conference and Expo

2022 14 Jul

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Health Management

The Next Normal of Healthy Cities

2021 09 Sep

Building a Resilient City: Implementing technologies that help predict, prevent and respond to health risks The COVID-19 pandemic has fuelled the adoption of data and digital technologies to improve the resilience of cities, regions and countries. These tools have been leveraged across each component of the sense-predict-respond model that... Read more

IMAGING Management

2021 08 Sep

Breast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in women, accounting for one in four annual cancer cases world wide 1  In Europe alone, 576,337 women were diagnosed with the disease in the year 2020 2  Breast cancer can have devastating effects on patients and the people around them, as the disease kills more European women than any other cancer.... Read more

Executive Health Management

Artificial Intelligence in Radiology: Current Applications and Future Technologies

2021 01 Jun

An overview of the latest research regarding artificial intelligence in radiology and how these findings can transform the future of the field. Key Points AI disease detection can help radiologists identify pathologies using subtle features not visible to the human eye and help prioritise images with positive findings in the read queue.... Read more

Executive Health Management

Telecardiology: What Could be Next?

2021 01 Jun

The new way to monitor health With the COVID-19 pandemic and the lockdowns and restrictions of physical contact, many cardiovascular scientific associations and journals started to speak about telemedicine solutions, but many highlighted that no telecardiology programme could be created overnight. In cardiology, the branch of telecardiology is well... Read more

Health Management

The Importance of Leadership and Humanism in Healthcare

2021 26 Apr

During the COVID-19 pandemic, healthcare workers around the globe have risked their lives to provide care. A large number of these workers have been infected, and many have died. It is important to evaluate how healthcare workers could have been offered more protection and how their lives and wellbeing should have been at the forefront of healthcare’s... Read more