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Study: 'above average' burnout symptoms among Canadian radiologists

2018 03 Oct

Physician burnout is a significant issue in healthcare worldwide, and radiology burnout rates are ranked high compared to other specialities. A new study assessing radiologist and radiology trainee burnout in Canada finds above average burnout symptoms with regard to both emotional exhaustion and depersonalisation. "Future research directions... Read more

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Critical compassion

2018 22 Sep

The Compassionate Care Initiative at the University of Virginia Compassionate care is essential to provide quality care and support a resilient workforce. The Compassionate Care Initiative offers programmes that support resilience for critical care providers and hospital leadership. “Compassion is central to being fully human” (Halifax... Read more

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Human factor approaches improving EMR usability and satisfaction

2018 22 Sep

The EMR does not have to fail The much-maligned Electronic Medical Record (EMR) is not necessarily a tool which leads to physician burnout. The KLAS Arch Collaborative shows that proper training, personalisation and teamwork can optimise the use of this digital tool without stress and frustration. (For the purposes of this report, the terms... Read more

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Staff matters infographic

2018 22 Sep

A snapshot view of the challenges facing healthcare human resources. Read more

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Finding ways to reduce burnout in radiologists

2018 08 Aug

Burnout is a global health problem affecting physicians across all medical specialities who work in variable hospital settings and work environments. Radiologists, in particular, experience high rates of burnout, and this trend has only continued to worsen, according to a special report published online in the journal Academic Radiology. It... Read more

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Medical errors: caused by burnout or unsafe healthcare settings?

2018 17 Jul

Medical errors are said to be responsible for 100,000 to 200,000 deaths in the U.S. each year. While medical errors are common, there is limited data on how physician burnout contributes to such mistakes. A new Stanford-led study shows that medical errors may stem more from physician burnout than unsafe healthcare settings.  Researchers conducted... Read more

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Four-steps to fight back against EHR burnout

2018 27 Mar

Burnout among U.S. physicians seems to have reached epidemic proportions. As shown in several recent studies, nearly half of U.S. practitioners experience burnout, mainly attributed to increased use of EHRs. Physicians are spending more time in front of computer screens instead of interacting with patients. A 2016 study of ambulatory care physicians... Read more

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Visionary leadership

2018 25 Jan

Th e w a y f o r wa r d f or U S h e a l t h c a r e   Experts d r aw their conclusions on the American health sys t em and what needs to b e done to e r adica t e the many p r oblems that continue... Read more

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Volume 17 - Issue 5, 2017

2017 09 Nov

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2017 07 Jun

When using the technical definition of burnout: "The reduction of a fuel to nothing", it clearly describes the state of being of the few people that I have met who are having a burnout. The problem is huge and almost every leader in healthcare agrees that this is a major problem (Swenson et al. 2016). Although many problems arise from using surveys... Read more