My dear readers,


It is time again for thoughts from the island of Great Britain. I hope you had an excellent and HEALTHY start to the new year! The first month is over, and another eleven are ahead of us. I am sure we all know that the next few months will be pretty challenging for all of us.


I missed my January article for some good reasons. Well, where shall I start to explain what was going on in January 2022?


Actually, the political situation with the circus of the so-called government in Downing Street in London was one of the reasons which made me numb to write.


During the lockdown, the garden parties of politicians made me numb, sick, and I felt disgusted. While we nurses risked our own lives, and some of our amazing colleagues died on duty, a big group of politicians thought they could party. Party, while the nation was in lockdown, and party while thousands of patients died without their loved ones. There are no words that can describe the feelings we are currently going through in Great Britain, the home of Florence Nightingale, who would turn herself in her grave if she were alive!


The second reason I felt numb and still feel so in some ways is that the vaccination programs of the nations are slowly tearing us nurses, us midwives, us doctors, us healthcare professionals apart.


Joy Division sang in 1980 ‘it will be love, which tear us apart’, but in 2022 it will be the vaccination programs! I have the feeling it is: them and us, the good ones and the bad ones, the good sheep of the herd, the black sheep of the herd….


It CANNOT be that healthcare professions, who should fight together in a pandemic outbreak, are slowly being divided by the government’s crazy failures.


I think the argument is not valid anymore that we can choose our vaccinations. The currently unvaccinated colleagues are more often sick than vaccinated nurses because they have tested positive more often than me – for example, who is vaccinated. Therefore, I (!!!) have to cover their sickness, I (!!!) have to increase my monthly hours to help my ward. I and many other nurses are stepping in. We help because we work part-time, even that we are now, since months, almost full-time staff nurses. If this continues, we will get sick. NOT because of COVID-19 and its mutations, because of the burn-out. For the rest of my nursing life, I cannot cover the ones who want to wait for what?


Can anybody think about us and focus less on a minority, who gets too much attention and power, PLEASE!

If you want to become a nurse, you need to have certain vaccinations. End of story. You cannot choose whether you will undergo this procedure or not. It is not a pick-and-choose situation.


The new COVID-19 entry in our vaccination record books will be just one amongst Hepatitis B and next to TB.


What and who are? Are we nurses (staff nurses, nurse managers, nursing assistants, nurse lecturers etc.) becoming the donkeys of the nations, who go on and on and on – so OTHERS can behave the way how they want to? Wake up and smell the coffee, I can say!


Can people stop thinking that the world is flying around them? The time should be over about me, myself, and I. If we all haven’t learned one damn thing from the last two years, what else will shake us up? What more do we need to give as nurses, midwives, doctors, carers, paramedics, physios, and many more great colleagues to protect our societies?


Guess what? We NURSES and COLLEAGUES are getting tired, exhausted, burned-out, hopeless, angry, bitter and many more adjectives I could use on how to describe us.


Can we not all stick together and think of each other? Only together, we might be able to overcome this pandemic outbreak.


Thank you for your time,


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