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Health Management

Volume 21 - Issue 1, 2021

2021 15 Feb

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Executive Health Management

Why is Israel’s Vaccination Programme So Successful?

2021 08 Feb

With Israel being the global leader in COVID-19 vaccine administration per capita, there are several factors that have ensured the success of the programme, two experts explain.   You might also like: Investigation of EU COVID-19 Vaccine Contracts   Israel started its vaccination programme in December, led by its Prime Minister Benjamin... Read more

Executive Health Management

What Do People Think About Vaccination?

2021 08 Feb

As the number of COVID-19 vaccinations has now overtaken the number of cases reported since the start of the pandemic, the public perceptions still vary greatly across the world.   You might also like: COVID-19 Vaccines: Tracking and Future Distribution   In a recent study published in The Lancet Public Health, Schwarzinger and... Read more

IT Management

Four Steps to Make COVID-19 Vaccinations Efficient

2021 04 Jan

The United States, where COVID-19 cases continue to rise, is racing to vaccinate as many people as possible to curb further spread of the virus. The inoculation drive, however, poses a major IT challenge as the country's data infrastructure lacks the capacity to efficiently track COVID-19 vaccine distribution and its use (who got vaccinated,... Read more

Executive Health Management

Major Moves with COVID-19 Vaccines

2020 02 Dec

The UK, first in the world, authorises Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine and is looking into fast-tracking AstraZeneca’s. In the meantime, Pfizer and Moderna both file applications for their vaccines’ emergency use in the U.S. and Europe.   You might also like: Coronavirus, Tensegrity and CSR: Year of Living Dangerously   The... Read more

Health Management

(You Gotta) Fight for Your Right (to Party!)? COVID-19 ‘Immunity Passports’ through ethical lens

2020 28 Sep

The possibility of introducing the so-called COVID-19 ‘immunity passports’ has been widely discussed in the recent months. It is, however, undermined by the lack of consensus on countless fundamental issues, such as immunity, effectiveness of antibody testing or the balance between individual liberties and public health safety. An ethics expert... Read more

Executive Health Management

Vaccines: What’s Most Important?

2020 21 Sep

Vaccine delays have increased in recent years not only because of access problems, but also due to trust issues resulting in people's refusals to get vaccinated.   You might also like: Immunisation During COVID-19: Recommendations and Opinions   New research published in The Lancet (de Figueiredo et al. 2020) has found that, between... Read more

Executive Health Management

Immunisation During COVID-19: Recommendations and Opinions

2020 24 Apr

24 April marks the start of World Immunization Week. This initiative of the World Health Organization (WHO), aimed at promoting the use of vaccines around the world, will last till 30 April. What impact is the COVID-19 pandemic having on immunisation services? How is vaccination viewed across Europe?   You may also like: Where Does COVID-19... Read more

ICU Management

5th Dubai International Conference on Infectious Diseases and Vaccination (DICID)

2020 18 Jun