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CARS 2019 Computer Assisted Radiology and Surgery - 33rd International Congress and Exhibition

2019 17 Jun

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ESGAR 2019 - European Society of Abdominal Radiology

2019 05 Jun

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Understanding the role of community-based academic radiologists

2018 08 Aug

The practice of radiology has historically ranged along the continuum of community-based private practice and academic practice. However, as academic radiology practices expand into the community, the lines that have historically distinguished the academic from private practice radiologist are becoming increasingly blurred, according to an article... Read more

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Sectra signs new enterprise-wide PACS contract with academic health system

2018 02 Aug

International medical imaging IT and cybersecurity company  Sectra  will install its enterprise imaging PACS throughout Stanford Health Care (SHC) and Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital to support clinical and research imaging needs of the organization. The Sectra solution – integrated with Epic Radiant – will ensure business continuity, high system... Read more

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EuSoMII Annual Meeting 2018

2018 03 Nov

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AI tools in radiology: who pays and how?

2018 25 Jul

An increasing number of research studies report important benefits from use of artificial intelligence technologies (e.g., face recognition, voice control, drone for transporting lab samples). It is safe to assume AI is coming to radiology and healthcare, says Kurt Schoppe, MD, who is affiliated with Radiology Associates of North Texas. "We... Read more

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2018 17 Jul

The National Health Service (NHS) was created to provide medical care for all, free at the point of use. Now 70 years old, it is a national treasure under intense strain, battling to provide the best modern medicine to an ever-growing, ageing UK population.   Both radiology and clinical oncology are vital to the health service. Most patient diagnoses... Read more

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Need to improve gender reporting in radiology human subjects research

2018 11 Jul

A new analysis shows that gender is a poorly controlled, and frequently neglected, variable in human subjects research published in the most cited general radiology journals. In an emerging era of personalised medicine, initiatives to ensure transparent reporting of gender-specific results may help catalyse otherwise overlooked discoveries to... Read more

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From PACS to AI - rediscovering radiology's soul

2018 04 Jul

In his book “Hit Refresh,” Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft, Inc., reveals that new challenges in the tech world make it necessary for the company to rediscover its soul – what made it unique. He posits that artificial intelligence (AI) is the tool that will help Microsoft transform to meet these challenges. Radiology is facing similar crossroads... Read more

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AI in radiology - pushing the boundaries of diagnostic science

2018 20 Jun

There are tremendous opportunities for artificial intelligence (AI) to deliver advances in medical diagnosis and treatment. An inevitable development that is already under way is the distribution of “intelligent instruments” into the healthcare system, according to an article in press in the Journal of the American College of Radiology. As... Read more