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2024 21 Feb

  United Imaging , a global leader in medical technology, is showcasing its full portfolio of AI-empowered innovations at the European Society of Radiology (ECR) 2024 in Vienna, Austria.  The company highlights its significant EU growth since establishing its regional headquarters in Poland in 2019.   Dr. Al Zhang, Ph.D, Chairman & Co-CEO...Read more

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2024 13 Feb

  A recent examination of residency programme data spanning from 2013 to 2022 reveals a significant gender gap in applications to radiology residency programmes compared to other specialties. Over this period, the proportion of female applicants to radiology residencies was nearly 21% lower than those applying to other programmes.   Gender...Read more

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2025 03 Mar

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2023 21 Dec

Affidea has earned significant recognition on the Eurosafe Wall of Stars, a direct result of the company's innovative Dose Excellence Programme, which has set new standards in radiology.   The Dose Excellence Programme at Affidea stands out for several reasons. Firstly, an impressive 80% of Affidea's equipment fleet is integrated with the Digital...Read more

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2023 01 Dec

The American College of Radiology (ACR) is introducing an initiative to enhance transparency among the artificial intelligence (AI) landscape.   Through the ACR Data Science Institute's platform, known as 'AI Central,' physicians can now choose algorithms that have undergone a comprehensive performance evaluation. Manufacturers participating in...Read more

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2023 27 Nov

Evidia, a leading radiology and radiotherapy services provider in Germany, Sweden, Norway and the UK, is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Zisis Sotiriou as the new Chief Operating Officer of the Evidia Group, effective November 6 th , 2023.   In his role, Mr. Sotiriou will focus on accelerating Evidia’s growth strategy, with a focus...Read more

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2023 24 Nov

A recent analysis, published in JACR, outlines five guiding principles aimed at assisting imaging leaders in establishing point-of-care ultrasound programmes within their institutions.   Point-of-care ultrasound programmes present numerous challenges as they rapidly expand in adoption and applications beyond the traditional realm of diagnostic...Read more

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2023 13 Nov

Radiologists make errors, and this is inevitable. Peer Learning is a safe way to improve the performance of the entire group of radiologists, benefitting from each other’s errors in a spirit of Just Culture. The process is anonymous; there is no scoring, shame, or blame.   Key points The overall prevalence of errors in radiology has not...Read more

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2023 08 Nov

The 2023 Alexander R. Margulis Award for the best original scientific article published in Radiology has been awarded to researchers of the article “Pancreatic Cancer Detection on CT Scans with Deep Learning: A Nationwide Population-based Study”.   The team created an AI tool and trained it by analysing hundreds of contrast-enhanced CT studies...Read more

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2023 03 Nov

Faster than ever patients can now access their radiology reports via online portals. In response, radiologists are evolving their communication approaches. It is essential that the language used in these reports is simplified so that they are more understandable to the wide range of people reading the reports.   Moreover, as radiologists increasingly...Read more

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2023 30 Oct

This year in 2023, United Imaging has disrupted the molecular imaging industry once again with our innovative technologies. At EANM 2023, we showcased the uMI Panorama™ PET/CT family to the world. The uMI Panorama is breaking barriers in all directions with industry-leading PET image quality, the finest NEMA NU 2-2018 PET spatial resolution at...Read more

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2024 04 Aug

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2023 11 Oct

A recent survey was conducted among breast radiologists to investigate the common factors that impact workplace satisfaction and the chances that breast radiologists leave their jobs.   Members of the Society of Breast Imaging were surveyed about workplace satisfaction, with radiologists specifying recent departures from or contemplation of leaving...Read more

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2023 10 Oct

According to a recent analysis, published in European Radiology, ChatGPT and other large language models could prove useful in rewriting radiology reports that were were factually correct, complete and simplified.   To assess the quality of simplified radiology reports, researchers from LMU University Hospital, Germany, tested the performance...Read more

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2023 05 Oct

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2023 06 Oct

According to a recent study, radiology has made notable progress in increasing diversity relative to other medical specialties in the past decade.   The team gathered the Graduate Medical Education results from 2010-2011 to 2020-2021 to access demographic information for major medical specialties. This way, the team could extract the racial and...Read more

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2023 14 Sep

Thank you for your interest in submitting your abstract to ECR 2024. Your contribution to the congress is valuable and helps enrich the field of radiology.   All abstracts must be submitted online through . The abstract submission is open from  September 1 st  to  October 10 th  2023.   Before embarking on your...Read more

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2024 23 Mar

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2024 12 Sep

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2025 11 Sep

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2023 27 Jun

    International medical imaging IT and cybersecurity company Sectra has signed a contract with Amstelland Hospital in the Netherlands. The hospital’s radiology department will be using Sectra’s enterprise imaging solution as a subscription (Sectra One). It will enable future scalability as imaging volumes grow, as well as the possibility of...Read more

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2023 22 Jun

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2023 23 Jun

Isala overcomes daily challenges with contextflow ADVANCE Chest CT   More patients in the healthcare system - that's what healthcare economists predict – and that means more radiological examinations and findings. "If the predictions come true, we will have to become more efficient in what we do. I see artificial intelligence (AI) as part of...Read more

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2023 20 Jun

Global Medical Health's state-of-the-art diagnostic clinic in Bucharest, Romania, proudly announces the installation of four cutting-edge United Imaging Healthcare systems: the uMR 588 , uCT 760 , uMammo 890i , and uDR 592h . The clinic's grand opening on June 12th was graced by the presence of GMH representatives and a delegation from UIH,...Read more

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2023 16 Jun

RadNet, Inc., a leading provider of high-quality, cost-effective, fixed-site outpatient diagnostic imaging services, announced the successful closure of its underwritten public offering of 8,711,250 shares of common stock at a price of $29.75 per share, which includes the overallotment option to the underwriters of 1,136,250 shares. The gross proceeds...Read more

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2023 24 May

We are pleased to announce the successful participation of FORA SPA as distributor partner of United Imaging Healthcare in Italy in the 23 rd Congress of Clinical Engineering (AIIC National Congress), held in Florence between 10 th and 13 th May.   Throughout the whole event FORA took the opportunity of showing the features of uCT 960+...Read more