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Executive Health Management

AHBS Africa Health Business Symposium

2016 12 Sep

Africa Health Business Ltd. is a Kenyan based company that brings together a team of experts from the healthcare, event planning and design sector in Africa making Africa Health Business the ideal partner in the coordination and organisation of healthcare related events and conferences. Read more

Health Management

Ahead of the Game

2016 25 Aug

There are always trailblazers implementing the latest ‏technology, experimenting with management styles ‏and putting the latest best practice in place. There ‏are too many leading lights to name here, but HealthManagement. ‏org has created a round up of facilities and individuals ‏in healthcare - leaders who have caught our attention ‏because of their... Read more

Health Management

Advantages of 3D Printing in Healthcare

2016 25 Aug

ONE INSTITUTE ’S COLLABORATIVE PROCESS IMPACTS MEDICINE   The Jacobs Institute (JI), a non-profit medical innovation ‏centre in Buffalo, New York, is using 3D printing to ‏further its mission of creating the next generation of ‏medical technology to treat vascular disease, such as heart ‏attack and stroke. One of the ways it achieves this is by partnering... Read more

IT Management

Clinton’s Healthcare IT Agenda: Ambitious or Unrealistic?

2016 06 Jul

U.S. Democratic presidential nominee, Hillary Clinton's recently released technology agenda has honed in on boosting opportunities for women and young people. The plan is far-reaching touching on education, jobs, infrastructure, the economy, security and healthcare. Both criticised as being “pandering” and praised as “surprisingly solid,” healthcare... Read more

Health Management

The Creative Promise of Design Thinking

2016 01 Jul

You’re much more imaginative than you think, but your workplace — which needs your very best ideas — may be driving the creativity right out of you.   Big businesses can be the worst offenders, demanding a level of predictability and efficiency that is good for today’s bottom line but bad for tomorrow’s. The pressure to grow is relentless, but the battle... Read more

Health Management

European Institute for Innovation Through Health Data (i-HD)

2016 01 Jul

A new not-for-profit organisation, the European Institute for Innovation through Health Data (i~HD), held its inaugural conference and public launch in March this year in Paris.   This institute was formed in order to unite efforts to enable better uses of health data for the benefit of learning health systems and clinical research (The European Institute... Read more

IMAGING Management

Manufacturing Marvel: Ampronix Adapts To Cutting-Edge Innovations

2016 16 May

3D PRINTING AND AMPRONIXThe Utilization of 3D printing in Research and Development Department expedites creative engineering process, drive prices down.In The Third American Revolution, renowned American economic and social theorist Jeremy Rifkin proposes that the world is in the midst of experiencing a reprise of the manufacturing/technological boom... Read more

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