• Chris McCahan

    Chris McCahan is Chief Investment Officer and Global Sector Lead for healthcare and education services at International Finance Corporation (IFC), a member of the World Bank Group. For almost two decades, Chris has appraised, structured and led negotiations for complex and innovative investment transactions in many parts of the world. Prior to his investment work in private healthcare and education, Chris led investments in other industries, primarily within the Asia and Latin America regions. He holds an MBA from SMU’s Cox School of Business.

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    Email —  ******@***ifc.org
    Chief Investment Officer and Global Sector Lead for healthcare services International Finance Corporation Washington, DC, USA

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    • 09/09/2021

    Investor Chris McCahan offers insights from recent client case studies that shed light on how private healthcare companies can succeed commercially in the long term when operating in a low-income setting. Some tips? Look beyond borders for the best global practices, align the company’s mission with broader public health goals, and be open to innovations.  Key Points Companies should...

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    Summary: Unsustainable increases in healthcare costs make it imperative that we rethink how the entire healthcare value chain is organised. This rethink includes the role of the hospital, which lies at the centre of the value chain. Costs have been soaring, with people living longer and their care needs increasing as they turn to the healthcare system more to manage chronic conditions like...

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    Making ethics the business of healthcare

    Every two years, the International Finance Corporation (IFC) organises a conference that brings together 500 health industry executives from around the globe for networking and enriching discussi

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    For universal healthcare, quality is not the icing, it’s the cake

    Imagine this nightmare scenario. You are diagnosed with renal cancer. The recommended treatment is removal of a kidney. You check into the hospital, have the operation. You wake up assuming you’re...

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    • 23/05/2018

    Solving the waste issue of unused equipment in African hospitals Managed Equipment Services (MES) is an innovative way of tackling the problem of wasted medical equipment stock in sub-Saharan Africa. In healthcare, the private sector is increasingly working with governments to address the needs of health systems. This collaboration can take many different forms, from simple public...

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    • 09/11/2017

    Introducing a global healthcare financing perspective Meet HealthManagement.org’s latest board member for EXEC and find out what he plans to bring to readers.   What are your key areas of interest and research?   My professional interests lie in emerging markets healthcare financing. As the Global Lead for Healthcare at International Finance Corporation (IFC), I support a broade

  • Costs, Costs, Costs! Who Pays in Healthcare?

    • 07/05/2017

    The nuances of the English language give “pay” and “cost” many meanings. When a person has no health insurance and no access to healthcare, what is the cost to their health? When the state pays for healthcare, when is “rationing” considered acceptable? Should non-smokers pay with their taxes to treat smokers’ illnesses? The ethics of healthcare financing are considerable. When we contemplate healthcare...

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