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Health Management

Volume 17 - Issue 5, 2017

2017 09 Nov

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Executive Health Management

Do You Have the Maturity to Lead?

2017 22 Aug

Intelligent leaders often are able to surmount difficult problems and challenges. While intelligence enables leaders to get things done, they also need to have this important quality to lead more effectively: maturity.You might also like: Pay Rises for 'Transformational' LeadersAccording to Theo Veldsman, Professor and Head of the Department of Industrial... Read more

Health Management

Education and Training in Affidea – Developing a New Generation of Leaders

2017 21 Aug

Affidea is known for clinical excellence and operational efficiency, but at we are most interested in exploring what Affidea is doing with training and education.   We spoke to Dr Rowland Illing, Affidea Chief Medical Officer, about this topic both in the clinical domain and in the more challenging area of leadership.   As a commercial... Read more

IT Management

Cybersecurity Training for Leaders and Executives

2017 25 Jul

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Executive Health Management

Leaders in Healthcare 2017

2017 25 May

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Executive Health Management

Our Top Management & Leadership Tips for 2017

2016 19 Dec publishes the latest on cutting edge practice in healthcare management across our Imaging, Admin, IT and Cardiology platforms contributed from top experts around the world. We’ve compiled a list of top management tips we’ve received from our valued contributors in 2016 to inspire you for the New Year. Read on and enjoy!   “Talk... Read more

Health Management

Ahead of the Game

2016 25 Aug

There are always trailblazers implementing the latest ‏technology, experimenting with management styles ‏and putting the latest best practice in place. There ‏are too many leading lights to name here, but HealthManagement. ‏org has created a round up of facilities and individuals ‏in healthcare - leaders who have caught our attention ‏because of their... Read more