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We’ve compiled a list of top management tips we’ve received from our valued contributors in 2016 to inspire you for the New Year. Read on and enjoy!


“Talk to your people.”

Tienush Rassaf, Editor-in-Chief, Cardiology,


“Show respect for all individuals at all times, no matter what your personal feelings or emotions might be toward the person. This of course encompasses many subcomponents, but it starts with listening with sincerity to differences of opinion and understanding the needs and unique circumstances encountered by individuals.”

Richard L. Baron, president, Radiological Society of North America, 2016


“Be happy to have very competent co-workers and employees and give them not only work but let them experience success as well.” 

Gábor Forrai, President of the European Society of Breast Imaging

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“For a proper relationship at work it is important to be honest and direct and to promote the collaboration of all the professionals involved in the process of patient care.” 

Laura Oleaga, chair of the ESR Education Committee

Make the working environment happy and friendly so that everyone is willing to make a contribution.
Bin Du, ICU Management & Practice Editorial Board Member

“Listen and learn from everyone, no matter what position they may be in the “hierarchy” of your organisation.”

Jorge Muniz - CEO Medcomic


“Listen to understand, not to reply. It helps much more in the long run.”

Anna Sort, Healthcare Gamer with PlayBenefit

Listen with all your senses and communicate with openness and honesty.  
Paul E. Marik, Eastern Virginia Medical School Division of Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine, USA


“Lead people instead of managing them and allow every brain in your organisation to innovate and help you succeed. Do not view your employees as expenses. Treat them like the assets they are and see how amazing they can be.”

Dr. Mansur Hasib, Programme Chair, Cybersecurity Technology, UMUC, Author


“I always recommend constant communication at all levels of the organisation. Constant dialogue is key to the success of any endeavor.” 

Peter M. Fleischut, Chief Innovation Officer at NewYork-Presbyterian


Three words: Conviction, energy, perseverance.

Alain Cribier, Pioneering Interventional Cardiologist


“Hire the best people, support the hell out of them, try to inspire them, but don't micromanage them.”

Robert W. Wachter MD, Hospitalist

Image Credit: Pixabay

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