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The care continuum is well upon us and has become a rapidly evolving concept as the medical profession tries to move forward while keeping abreast of developments in and around the health sector Radiology’s role in the care continuum is a matter I have witnessed and personally dealt with during my experiences at Hospital Clinic Barcelona when piloting the ESR iGuide imaging referral guidelines. In an aca

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Promoting Management and Leadership in HealthcareImaging Editor-In-Chief Prof. Lluís Donoso Bach Hospital Clinic – University Of Barcelona, Spain Honorary Board Member Prof. Iain Mccall UK (Retired) Editorial Board Members Prof. Stephen Baker Rutgers New Jersey Medical School, U.S. Prof. Hans Blickman University Of Rochester Medical Center, U.S. Prof. Georg Bongartz University Of Basel, Switz


European Radiology, Lluís Donoso, European Society of Radiology, ESR, President of ESR

As HealthManagement.org The Journal’s imaging Editor-in-Chief, Professor Lluís Donoso, comes to the end of his term as president of the European Society of Radiology (ESR), we took the opportunity to speak to him about developments at the ESR, the state of radiology, and the role of management and leadership. How have you enjoyed your term as President of the ESR? I was quite sure that it was going to

Big Drama of Big Data! Recent Hospital Virus Attacks Trigger Call to Redefine IT Security

Recent Hospital Virus Attacks Trigger Call to Redefine IT Security Recent cases of cyber-attacks, intentionally breaching the security infrastructures of hospitals around the globe, have raised serious questions about how to tackle such malicious invasions. no matter if it was for financial gain or the simple thrill of having broken through the iron-clad firewalls set up by it giants.The European associatio

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Success Isn't Everything, Dale Carnegie, self-help

Over the past few months I have discussed my book, Red Pill, with a range of colleagues and shown chapters to a few. As the book points out some of the flaws in conventional thinking, they normally come back to me with the same question. “What does work then?” This has caused me to think deeply about what their question actually means. It has also highlighted to me what an important question it is to

Healthcare Leadership Crisis: the Canadian Solution, management, LEADS

Healthcare, a Changing Landscape Equal access to a quality healthcare system is part of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms (1982), and is considered as a right by Canadians. Making Canadians the healthiest people in the world as well as preserving a healthcare system that is true to their values and sustainable must be the system’s overriding objective (Royal Commission on the Future of Health

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They say that necessity is the mother of invention and nowhere is this truer than in the trend for medical professionals turned entrepreneurs in the aim to present a workable solution to obstacles they encounter in their practices. Medical entrepreneurship, particularly in the IT field, is widely supported by both peer groups, government agencies and hospital innovation departments as the race to exploit

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The Affidea Effect: A Global Dose Data Management System, Waypoint, diagnostic imaging, dose watch, dose management, CT scan, GE Healthcare, radiology, Rowland Illing, Katia Katsari

As the biggest independent provider of advanced diagnostic imaging services in Europe, Affidea owns and operates 170 medical centres and grows at a rate of (on average) one new centre every fortnight. As the company evolves, our owners Waypoint Capital want to turn it into the biggest global brand for diagnostic imaging and cancer care. The cornerstone of doing this is to introduce practices that are st

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Big Data, Analytics, Healthcare

X-ray, computed tomography, blood tests, genetic diagnostics, health apps and wearables: we are producing a whole host of health-related data. What opportunities and risks do “Big Data” provide for patients and their care? After increasing importance in the financial industry, logistics and production, Big Data and analytics have rapidly started to gain momentum in healthcare as well. The potential o

Opportunities to Build a Better Care Continuum: From Global to Local, sustainable development

For staff working at the sharp edge of health services, whether in a hospital or community setting, what happens at the United Nations (UN) or World Health Organisation (WHO ) can seem far removed and rather irrelevant. I would encourage you to keep in mind that in the context of delivering a truly patient-centred continuum of care, the recent agreement by 193 countries to sign up to the United Nations Sus

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Where do you see radiology’s place in the care continuum? I see radiologists as fundamental and integral to the care continuum. Traditionally, rounds ended in the radiology department. There was a sense that you had not completed the task of evaluating the patient without bringing the radiologist into the conversation. We need to return to that. Recently I was on a call with the Centers for Medicare &a

Cardiology in the Care Continuum

The case for coordination of cardiology services across the care continuum would seem to be compelling, given the complex needs of cardiac patients. Siloing cardiac care can lead to fragmented treatment, increased costs and lowering of quality. However, in practice this collaboration and coordination can be difficult to implement. Barriers to care coordination are explored in a report from the Advisory Bo

Care Coordination, safety, care continuum

For its fourth Deep Dive™ analysis of a particular patient safety topic, ECRI Institute Patient Safety Organization (PSO) selected care coordination issues affecting patients throughout the continuum of care. Poorly coordinated care puts patients at risk for preventable events, such as medication errors, lack of necessary follow-up care and diagnostic delays and errors. These errors and delays, as well a

Big Data and the Future of the Care Continuum, New York Presbyterian, IT, innovation

Every facet of the healthcare sector has a role to play in the future of the care continuum as it evolves and faces new challenges. With an increasing segment of the continuity of care relying on effective and efficient filtering of Big Data and development of related systems, government and individual health facilities in Europe and the U.S. are investing in getting ahead of the game through development o

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Ultrasound, Point-of-care Ultrasound

A Roadmap to Rapid Improvements in Patient Safety This article will provide an overview of how to accelerate adoption of bedside ultrasonography, based on experience in a large hospital system. Developing an evidence-based ultrasound training programme and the economic benefits of proven safety practices, such as ultrasound-guided central venous catheterisation (CVC), will be addressed. Every day, more than

Enterprise Imaging, KLAS, IDN, VNA, PACS, Agfa, GE Healthcare, Philips, Fujifilm, Dell, Lexmark, Merge

Enterprise imaging — the ability to store, view and exchange images from multiple service lines — promises to revolutionise the imaging landscape as growing demand for improvements in diagnosis and treatment is adding pressure to enable and simplify image exchange across the board. Yet many providers, especially large hospitals and integrated delivery networks (IDNs) are still uncertain on how to move

radiology, computer-aided diagnosis, computer-determined diagnosis, algorithms

Where are we Now in the Algorithm Revolution? The past forty years has been a period of unprecedented and sustained advances in radiology with consecutive innovations expanding our specialty’s reach and its diagnostic and therapeutic prowess. Technology has been the midwife of our gains as more and more incisive capabilities have come within our purview. But now we must reckon with the realisation that n

MRI, Care Pathways, Multidisciplinary teams, Quality

In any MRI unit, service quality as experienced by patients depends on the design of the care pathway through which the MRI service is delivered (Johnston and Clark 2005; Yazdanparast et al. 2010). Healthcare organisations can create value in terms of improved service quality by developing expertise, reducing errors, increasing efficiency and improving outcomes (Porter and Teisberg 2004). With an ageing po

Resource Allocation in Healthcare: Have We Misjudged Societal Values?

Equitable Healthcare With increased emphasis on financial constraint in healthcare, resource allocation discussions are heard more commonly in clinical departments. As agents of the patient, clinicians are faced with struggles to ensure that individual patients can receive costly treatments, despite growing demands for healthcare throughout society. It increasingly seems as though there is a conflict betw

Teams, Healthcare, Leadership

Keeping The Team Engaged Leaders know how to achieve goals and inspire people along the way. While the terms and definitions may change with the times, Jacqueline Jones writes in Radiology Management, Journal of the AHRA , that it is important to understand the skills and abilities needed to lead in the 21st century. Definition of Leadership Leaders will each influence at least 250 people in their lif

Steering the Integration Agenda: Stable Leadership Needed

Service Integration Overcoming barriers between the health and care sectors to achieve service integration has been the goal of successive UK governments over many decades, although its four countries have chosen different pathways and timescales to reach it. While Northern Ireland was first past the post and can offer 46 years of experience in what challenges are being faced in attempts to bring the sec

Self-Assessment for Hospitals: Action Planning Using Accreditation Guidelines in a Multispecialty Hospital

Quality accreditation can provide a sustainable competitive advantage to healthcare businesses if they build their strategy around creating infrastructure, policies and processes compliant with the Indian National Accreditation Board for Hospitals & Healthcare Providers (NABH ) standards. The standards promote adherence to global best practices of healthcare delivery, and there are detailed guidelines

SOCRATES: An Electronic Evaluation System to Advance Medical Trainees

Developing thorough competency in both specialty and professionalism is of pivotal importance for radiology trainees. Residents and fellows are challenged by uncertainty and limited experience early in their career, by volume overload in daily routine and by hierarchical structures within departments. At the same time trainees are expected to develop clinical competency and an adequate level of professiona


Stockholm Science City Foundation, Hagastaden, life science, research, biotech, Karolinska, AstraZeneca,

Stockholm is cranking up the volume when it comes to life science opportunities. For healthcare, for the life science industry and for researchers. But most importantly – for you and me as future or current care recipients. The city is currently in the process of transforming a former railway depot into a flourishing life science arena. The area is strategically located in the city of Stockholm within w

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Kimberley Applegate

1. What are your key areas of interest and research? Quality, safety and systems improvement, including radiation protection, policy, and clinical guidelines. Research interests include the study of safety events, radiation dose optimisation, and evidence based imaging of abdominal conditions in children. 2. What are the major challenges in your field? All of medicine, includin

Aseem Maholtra

1. What are your key areas of interest and research/assignment? I trained in interventional cardiology but have also developed an interest in the impact of lifestyle changes on the prevention and treatment of coronary disease mainly because its impact on reducing adverse clinical outcomes dwarfs that of medical therapy. 2. What are the major challenges in your field? Transparency of information that is

Simona Agger Ganassi

1. What are your key areas of interest and research? My interests are concentrated in two major areas. The first concerns the issues of hospitals and community health facilities planning and the second area regards the development of the full potential of healthcare to contribute to environment challenges facing us. 2. What are the major challenges in your field? Regarding the planning of health faciliti

Sandeep Bansal

1. What are your key areas of interest and research? My interest is in improving the global structure of wellbeing, health and social care. 2. What are the major challenges in your field? The changing population demographic, with an aging population and the prevalence of many preventable and chronic conditions, is a considerable challenge to the sustainability of our current healthcare system. 3. W

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Why Dose? And Why Now? Dose management, radiology, radiation, EURATOM, ICRP

RADIATION DOSE - THE RESPONSIBILITY OF ALL The demand for medical imaging examinations is constantly growing, making safety and quality in radiological practice and the risk of unnecessary radiation more important than ever. Public awareness and concern have grown across a wide range of media. People are worried, they receive conflicting, sometimes confusing information, and they come to the radiology depa

Eurosafe Imaging Initiative, ESR, ECR, iGuide, clinical audit, DRL, ALARA

ESR’S 12-POINT ACTION PLAN THAT PUTS QUALITY AND PATIENT SAFETY FIRST Birth of the EuroSafe Imaging initiative Since its launch in 2014 by the European Society of Radiology (ESR), the EuroSafe Imaging initiative has placed radiation protection at the forefront of efforts to improve quality and safety in medical imaging in Europe in the most efficient and effective way possible. The demand for medical i

Quality and Safety In Radiology, CT, ESR, RSNA, MRI, radiation dose

A SYMBIOTIC RELATIONSHIP Quality of Healthcare Quality healthcare by definition means safe healthcare, and safety should be managed as an integral part of quality assurance. Safety, as defined by the National Patient Safety Foundation, is “the degree to which health care processes avoid, prevent, and ameliorate adverse outcomes or injuries that stem from the processes of health care itself” (National P

How to Communicate Radiation Dose and Contrast Media Information, DRL, ALARA, Marketing

Public awareness and concern about radiation safety has grown in the last few years, and concerns have been voiced about radiation dose, for example in breast imaging, across a wide range of media. Patients are concerned, as they receive conflicting, sometimes confusing information. Therefore good communication from the radiology department is essential. How to Communicate It is a truism, but the choice

Implementing Dose Monitoring Software In A Radiology Department, RIS, data output, protocol

MEETING THE CHALLENGES Implementation Considerations Before planning implementation of dose monitoring software you should be aware of some challenges that need to be met. This is a tool, which offers many options, but the available features may not match your department’s expectations and requirements. Awareness of what exactly the department’s needs are is essential at the beginning. Furthermore, one

All About The Dose Infographic, ACR, RSNA, EuroSafe, ALARA

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