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EDW 2022 - 26th Annual Enterprise Data World Conference

2022 19 Apr

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Executive Health Management

2021 10 Nov

Vlad Vahromovs is an accomplished tech executive with over 15 years of executive leadership experience delivering cutting-edge solutions to industry giants, He is the CEO of Intellectsoft , the technology partner of Fortune 500 companies including EY, Nestle, and Jaguar. Vlad holds modern courses degrees from Stanford and Erasmus University Rotterdam.... Read more

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Big Data vs. Old Age

2021 18 Apr

The majority of older adults who represent a large part of healthcare patient population have little knowledge about how their personal health data are collected and processed, a new survey shows.   You might also like: 2020 saw an unprecedented rise in cyber attacks on healthcare systems and institutions. However, in... Read more

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2021 Forbes CIO Summit Series – Episode 3

2021 20 May

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Automated Contact Tracing: Is It Efficient?

2020 24 Aug

Contract tracing apps all of a sudden have proliferated as these digital tools are increasingly used, alongside other infection control measures, in battling the COVID-19 pandemic. However, results of a new systematic review (Braithwaite et al. 2020) suggest the usefulness of such apps in identifying or notifying contacts of an infected person... Read more

Executive Health Management

Mobility, Connectivity and Pandemics of Modern World

2020 15 Jun

In a recent piece for Campaign for Social Care, Andrew Tatem , Professor of Spatial Demography and Epidemiology, University of Southampton and Director of WorldPop and Flowminder , analyses how increased global connectivity has helped COVID-19 to become the fastest-spreading disease in history.   You might also like : COVID-19: Data... Read more

Executive Health Management

The Future is Digital

2020 09 Mar

The debate about Artificial Intelligence (AI) versus healthcare personnel shows no sign of abating. While we can safely say that the role of physicians is not under any serious threat from technology, AI will be critical in managing data for more efficient diagnosis, workflow and patient care. ‘The Future is Digital’ offers exciting views on data... Read more

Executive Health Management

How Healthcare Can Unlock the Promise of Big Data

2020 09 Mar

Summary: The healthcare space will not only need to change its systems, operations and infrastructure, but also healthcare professionals may have to adopt an innovative mindset to embrace the changes and challenges brought to their working lives by implementing big data. I believe that big data present enormous opportunities in the healthcare... Read more

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Big Data in Breakthrough Cancer Detection Tool

2020 16 Jan

Researchers from the National University of Singapore (NUS) have used big data analytics to devise a personalised tool for prediction of cancer, patient survivability and patient response to immunotherap   You might also like: AI Breast Cancer Diagnosis Matches Two Doctors   This specially-designed 'scorecard' has been designed to be used... Read more

ICU Management

Volume 19 - Issue 4, Winter 2019/2020

2020 15 Jan

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