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Brain Imaging is Overused to Diagnose Dizziness

2022 12 Apr

University of Minnesota researchers (Minneapolis, MN, USA) recently compared neuroimaging use for patients with dizziness in outpatient clinics and emergency departments and found that head CTs and MRIs were most likely overused. Dizziness is a widespread symptom in emergency room and outpatient clinic patients. However, past studies revealed that... Read more

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AI Uses MRI Data to Predict Sudden Death from Arrhythmia

2022 12 Apr

Johns Hopkins University researchers (Baltimore, MD, USA) recently developed a deep-learning-based algorithm capable of predicting sudden arrhythmic death using contrast-enhanced heart MRI data of ischemic heart scarring and the patient’s clinical background. The study’s results were recently published in  Nature Cardiovascular Research , which marks... Read more

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New AI Tool for Prostate MRI Analysis to Support PI-RADS Scoring

2022 11 Apr

RSIP Vision Presents New AI Tool for Prostate MRI Analysis to Support PI-RADS Scoring Innovative technology performs automatic segmentation and lesion detection in prostate MRI scans to assist in PI-RADS scoring for prostate cancer management. RSIP Vision , an experienced leader in driving innovation for medical imaging through advanced Artificial... Read more

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Metamaterial Helmet Improves MRIs

2022 01 Mar

Boston University (Boston, MA USA) researchers recently described in Advanced Materials a helmet that can be worn during MRIs to halve scan time and improve image quality. The helmet was designed by a research team led by Professor Xin Zhang at Boston University’s Photonics Center. The team focuses on metamaterials, which are engineered structures... Read more

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Patient Stress Slows MRI Workflows

2022 10 Feb

According to a study recently published in the Journal of the American College of Radiology , MRI for many patients is stressful, affecting the imaging workflow.   Up to 37% of patients feel moderate anxiety during MRI exams, which may necessitate sedation or abandonment of the exam altogether. To understand how to reduce patient stress, researchers... Read more

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Xenon MRI Reveals Lung Damage in Long COVID Patients

2022 01 Feb

Many patients experience ongoing symptoms following a COVID-19 infection. These are characterised under the umbrella term 'long-COVID', of which one of the most common is breathlessness. It is unclear whether the breathlessness is linked to changes in breathing patterns, tiredness, or lung damage.  The EXPLAIN project, involving teams at Sheffield,... Read more

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Patient Satisfaction Drives Imaging Volumes for Outpatient MRI Clinics

2021 11 Dec

A study recently published in Current Problems in Diagnostic Radiology found that outpatient imaging volumes increase in MRI clinics where patients are satisfied with their care.   Under value-based payment models, patient satisfaction is an important measure of healthcare quality and factors into calculating reimbursements. Previous studies... Read more

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Disruptive Tech: Low-Cost Low-Field MRIs

2021 03 Nov

During magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) technology’s dawn years, the cost vs the performance gains associated with stronger magnetic fields were open questions. The idea of using low-field MRI (< 1.5 T of magnetic field) is not new, but the performance cost equation favoured larger magnetic fields. For the last 30 years, the MRI standard has been 1.5... Read more

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MR-Guided Ultrasound Delivers Antibody Therapy to Brain Tumours

2021 25 Oct

Canadian researchers at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, safely delivered trastuzumab antibody therapy to breast cancer brain metastases using magnetic resonance (MR)-guided focused ultrasound. This study provides the first visual confirmation that focused ultrasound can improve the delivery of targeted antibody therapy across the blood-brain barrier... Read more