• Shirley Cramer

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    CEO Institute of Healthcare Management (IHM)

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  • Steering the Integration Agenda: Stable Leadership Needed

    • 27/02/2016

    Service Integration Overcoming barriers between the health and care sectors to achieve service integration has been the goal of successive UK governments over many decades, although its four countries have chosen different pathways and timescales to reach it. While Northern Ireland was first past the post and can offer 46 years of experience in what challenges are being faced in attempts to...

  • Health and Wellbeing of the Workforce

    • 05/01/2016

    Workforce Health Must Be a Priority The National Health Service (NHS) must work hard to protect the health and well being of its workforce. Failure to do so costs organisations across the system dearly but, more importantly, patient care may suffer. What does it feel like to be unable to do your job properly through lack of time, staff shortages or financial constraints? Today, many NHS...

  • The Challenges of Integration

    • 06/10/2015

    “Buzzwords abound in healthcare. The latest, ‘Integration’, will only be achieved by effective collaboration across all boundaries; ‘partnership working’, ‘joint working’ and ‘joined-up thinking’ we have heard so much about for so long,” says Shirley Cramer, CEO of the Institute of Healthcare Management (IHM)." Integration has been an overt policy goal of governments over the last two decades....

  • Practice Managers: Overlooked and Undernourished?

    • 11/05/2015

    General practice will not remain “the jewel in the crown of the National Health Service”, as it is often described, without change. Indeed, given the onslaught of criticism directed at this health sector by the media in recent times, it might appear that it has already lost much of its sparkle and will soon be neither fit for purpose nor sustainable. The need for change was set out by NHS England...

  • Shirley Cramer, CEO IHM

    • 28/02/2015

    1. What are your key areas of interest and research? Finding innovative ways to improve the public’s health by building the capacity and capability of the wider workforce and measuring the impact of community-based preventative work so that the best practice can be easily disseminated.   2. What are the major challenges in your field? a) getting prevention to the the top of the healt

  • Creating Stronger Bonds Between Health Managers And Clinicians

    • 28/02/2015

    Managers and clinicians in health and social care are committed professionals working towards a common goal - achieving better patient outcomes - but tensions in the relationship can risk getting in the way of driving forward service improvement.   Managers and clinicians, in whatever area of health and social care they work, are on the same side. Both strive to provide the best possible patient...

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    Zoom On: Shirley Cramer, Royal Society for Public Health CEO

    This week we meet Shirley Cramer, the CEO of the UK’s Royal Society for Public Health (RSPH). RSPH is an independent, multi-disciplinary charity organisation which protects and promotes collective...

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