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    Stephen Baker is a member of the HealthManagement.org Imaging Editorial board and Professor and Former Chair of the Department of Radiology, Rutgers New Jersey Medical School.

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    Professor and Chair of the Department of Radiology Rutgers New Jersey Medical School, USA

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  • Radiology Resources in Timor-Leste: Limited Imaging Choices in a Small

    • 30/11/2020

    An evaluation of the imaging profile of Timor-Leste’s territory consisting of the eastern half of the Southeast Asian Island of Timor, Atauro, Dili, Oecusse, bordered by West Timor and an assessment of the region’s imaging resources, radiology capabilities and barriers to the provision of imaging care. Key Points Timor-Leste has a population of 1,318,445 people....

  • Artificial Intelligence in Breast Imaging Will Shift the Landscape

    • 29/08/2020

    The development and refinement of Artificial Intelligence (AI) for use in radiology practice continues. However, this development leads to many questions and concerns. Prof. Baker provides an overview. The development and refinement of Artificial Intelligence (AI) for use in radiology practice is advancing. Scientific journals continue to publish promising data on AI performance, including...

  • COVID-19 - Present and Future Effect on Radiologist Training?

    • 23/06/2020

    The effects of COVID-19 have been manifold but one of the areas which has seen destabilising implications is the training of radiologists. The immediate effects of the coronavirus pandemic have been precipitous and manifold. The longer term consequences promise to be persistent and profound. Its range of disruption is obvious with respect to patient care and the economy in all its...

  • A Gentle Warning

    • 29/01/2020

    Summary: Professor Stephen Baker provides an overview on how artificial intelligence is challenging the role of a radiologist. Over the past five years, I have been fascinated by the impress of artificial intelligence (AI) on the current practice of medicine and the exciting prospects it offers for the near future. The power of big data has shown itself clearly in investigations of diagnostic...

  • Image Information Delivery in the AI Era: Two Likely Scenarios

    • 02/10/2019

    Summary: As the world enters further into the transformative power of technology, Stephen Baker questions how this information revolution, in particular, AI will affect the capabilities available to industry experts. Many fields of knowledge, dependent on technology, can experience abrupt, massive growth as new techniques and novel forms of organisation come on stream and become...

  • Computer-Determined Interpretation of Intracranial Abnormalities

    • 27/02/2016

    Where are we Now in the Algorithm Revolution? The past forty years has been a period of unprecedented and sustained advances in radiology with consecutive innovations expanding our specialty’s reach and its diagnostic and therapeutic prowess. Technology has been the midwife of our gains as more and more incisive capabilities have come within our purview. But now we must reckon with the realisation

  • Women in radiology

    • 25/01/2018

    The American experience and perspective P r ofessor S t ephen Ba k e r gives an overview of w omen’s pla c e in r adiology and h o w times a r e  changing. When I write this, and no doubt months later if and when you read it, the matter of women’s place in society will remai

  • Is radiology a vital speciality?: Reflections on medium term prospects

    • 19/09/2017

    Comparing radiology to living at or near the ocean allows the threats to radiology to be explored via a nautical theme.   Our specialty is heading for a period of uncertainty, disquiet, challenge and perhaps peril, one that will likely manifest itself in the medium term, five to fifteen years hence at the latest. The signs that should engender alarm are already evident, more subdued than...

  • Radiology At the Crossroads

    • 25/08/2016

    Radiology is now at a crossroads. Let us expand the ‏metaphor. If we are to proceed we are to be mindful of ‏the traffic in our direction and be aware of the dangers ‏of crossing the divider, i.e. the median where we have been ‏trained to avoid and therefore not interfere with the flow of ‏commerce conducted by other specialties. What we must ‏also be aware of is what we may not see at first—coming...

  • MIR Congress Preview

    • 06/10/2015

    The opportunity to mingle with renowned radiologists from Europe, North America and beyond whilst discussing and learning about management and leadership comes just once a year.The 2015 Management in Radiology Annual Scientific Meeting takes place in the elegant surroundings of Fairmont Rey Juan Carlos Hotel in the heart of Barcelona from 8-9 October. Programme Thursday 8 October 2015...

  • Radiology: The End of the Road?

    • 06/10/2015

    Until very recently, radiology was looked upon very favourably by many seniors at American medical schools. As they finalised their choice of residency training, our specialty had acquired an allure based on the exciting technology at our disposal, the relatively high income available to newly minted graduates of fellowship programmes, (because nearly all those completing residency programmes in America...

  • Radiology and Pathology and Finland and Estonia

    • 11/05/2015

    Sometimes insights, hitherto unperceived can be gleaned by finding points of connection between seemingly disparate pairs of organisations. The power of an apt metaphor can serve to transcend differences in focus and mission by bringing to the fore mutualities of concern and opportunity. In this regard, two small countries in Northeastern Europe—Finland and Estonia—have much in common with two relatively...

  • Maximising Economic Resources for Academic Radiology: Strategies for S

    • 04/10/2012

    Recently, the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) provided to the public annual health-related data from 1960 to the present for its 34 member countries – 24 in Europe and 10 outside the continent including the United States. Forty-eight separate indices were presented, with one of the most telling statistics being the yearly percent of healthcare funded by public expenditures....

  • Getting Ahead by Getting Along

    • 06/03/2013

    Managing Challenging Conversations in the Radiology Department Many guides to effective leadership in radiology and other disciplines in medicine concentrate on structure. How  the department should be organised and how authority should be delegated are frequently addressed. Other advice dispensers rightly focus on the formation and implementation of the realisation of your mission....

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    Zoom On: Professor Stephen R. Baker - HM Imaging Editorial Board

    Professor Stephen R. Baker is a valued member of  HealthManagement’s Editorial Board - Imaging section, and previously served on the Editorial Board of IMAGING Management. Prof. Baker is a renow

  • Job Prospects for Radiologists in the United States

    • 15/03/2013

    The golden age of radiology in the United States has drawn to a close. Perhaps after a period of adjustment, a new resplendent silver age might occur but for the present and medium term the prospects are guarded. Why the gloomy assessment? In order to offer an incisive analysis we need to understand the peculiarities of radiology in the United States including its predominant current means of reimbursement

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