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Computer-Aided Diagnosis for Breast Ultrasound

2016 23 Jul

Samsung Applies Deep Learning from Big Data in World-First The Samsung RS80A with Prestige premium ultrasound device now includes S-Detect™, which applies deep learning to breast lesion analysis using ultrasound. Background   Breast ultrasound can be hard to read and interpret and the reader may experience fatigue and attention lapses.... Read more

Artificial intelligence in 2019: Where we are now

2019 22 Mar

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Computer-Determined Interpretation of Intracranial Abnormalities

2016 27 Feb

Where are we Now in the Algorithm Revolution? The past forty years has been a period of unprecedented and sustained advances in radiology with consecutive innovations expanding our specialty’s reach and its diagnostic and therapeutic prowess. Technology has been the midwife of our gains as more and more incisive capabilities have come within our... Read more

Volume 16 - Issue 1, 2016

2016 27 Feb

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MIR 2015: Is Radiology Entering a Dark Age?

2015 20 Oct

From the vantage point of a 45 year career in radiology, Stephen Baker, Professor and Chair, Department of Radiology, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, USA, has warned of a possible dark age for radiology and radiologists. Speaking at the Management in Radiology (MIR) annual meeting in Barcelona this month, Baker, a member of’s... Read more

Study: CAD Plus Digital Mammography No Better than Radiologist Alone

2015 01 Oct

Computer-aided detection (CAD) in screening mammography is supposed to help radiologists identify subtle cancers that might otherwise be missed. However, analysis of results from a large Breast Cancer Surveillance Consortium database of digital screening mammograms revealed that CAD was not associated with improved diagnostic accuracy. The study is... Read more

#ECR2015: Computer-Aided Diagnosis Improves Detection but Requires Experience

2015 04 Mar

Computer-aided diagnosis (CAD) can enhance performance but only if it is used correctly, and does not reduce the need for training. In a Refresher Course today at the ECR which runs in Vienna from 4-8 March, experts will talk about how CAD is moving away from pure detection to clinical decision support and will explain how the adoption of new reading... Read more