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2015 27 Mar

Enterprise Imaging becomes central to advancing value-based care strategies Efficient access to patient-centric clinical data via multiple innovative advancements to its suites of technologies   Agfa HealthCare's Enterprise Imaging suite addresses clinical and economic data demands as hospitals and health systems seek to realise value in all care...Read more

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2015 12 Jun

The Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust, extends Agfa HealthCare PACS with high availability Enterprise Imaging solution Enterprise Imaging platform will support image sharing and consolidate images from a broad range of 'imaging rich' departments Solution will harness the benefits of working with a single supplier, for seamless service delivery....Read more

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2015 25 Jun

Radiation dose reduction and monitoring, as well as a path forward to direct radiography and integrated care across the department, hospital and region, will be showcased Agfa HealthCare will demonstrate how it is using its experience and expertise to develop solutions that help any hospital achieve its goals. Solutions that help reduce and...Read more

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2015 27 Jul

Agfa Healthcare recently announced that the Moscow City Department of Healthcare has chosen the company’s Enterprise Imaging platform as its central imaging repository and teleradiology solution. According to Agfa, this is the first multisite imaging IT solution in Russia to be delivered as a managed service. Project implementation began last February....Read more

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2015 21 Aug

Agfa HealthCare presents consolidated strategy for Enterprise Imaging for Cardiology at ESC Congress 2015 Solutions provide rapid access to clinically relevant images, and advanced reporting, post-processing and collaboration tools  E nterprise Imaging for Cardiology is a completely unified, sophisticated imaging platform. It includes...Read more

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2015 07 Oct

Combining innovation and ease of use, Agfa HealthCare offers ONE platform for IT and ONE platform for Imaging - The Enterprise Imaging platform offers an image and information management ecosystem that supports healthcare enterprises and caregivers to increase productivity and enhance the value of care. - The MUSICA image processing platform,...Read more

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2015 20 Oct

True Enterprise Imaging platform brings medical images together, including a broad range of functions that align the enterprise with improved diagnostic confidence Single platform delivers IT cost savings, clinical efficiency and single platform standardization, while acting as a catalyst for innovation.   New platform allows enterprises...Read more

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2015 05 Nov

New, single platform allows enterprises to move forward at their own pace to fulfill their enterprise strategy Multiple healthcare facilities - from private practices to multi-site hospitals with teaching facilities - are now running the platform live. Solution puts all images on a single, true Enterprise Imaging platform. Platform...Read more

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2015 19 Nov

Together in a "one platform/one display" solution, they allow workflow gains and easy access to productivity tools Enterprise Imaging unified, sophisticated imaging platform includes PACS, reporting, advanced image processing and integration of clinical information.   Barco's  elegant, universal  Coronis Uniti  diagnostic display...Read more

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2015 24 Nov

2015 sees successful expansion of company's converged platform approach. Multi-specialty clinical collaboration allows Radiologists to support value-based care coordination. Powerful task-based workflow changes paradigm of productivity and efficiency in Radiology. Embedded XERO Viewer enables universal access and mobility in...Read more

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2015 01 Dec

Recognition confirms company's multi-disciplinary platform approach to Enterprise Imaging Agfa HealthCare is emerging as "the clear leader" among Enterprise Imaging IT vendors Agfa HealthCare also noted as second most Favorite Imaging IT Vendor overall   (RSNA 2015, Booth #1315, South Hall)  Agfa HealthCare, a leading provider of diagnostic...Read more

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2015 02 Dec

Agreement for radiology and clinical physiology is based on the Enterprise Imaging for Radiology platform   Frame agreement covers the complete  Enterprise Imaging for Radiology  portfolio, as well as data migrations and implementation services. First order will be for the Sahlgrenska University Hospital, Gothenburg, in southwest...Read more

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2016 18 Jan

Agfa HealthCare has announces a strategic alliance with My Personal Health Record Express Inc., taking a 27% equity stake, as part of its move into the Integrated Care market."The combined technologies, expertise and people of both companies create a unique and leading Integrated Care portfolio.", states James Jay, Global Vice President, Agfa HealthCare....Read more

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2016 26 Jan

First transition from IMPAX in country achieves major milestones in only two weeks Enterprise Imaging for Radiology is a single, completely unified imaging platform providing PACS, reporting, zero footprint viewer, advanced image processing and integration of clinical information. Agreement includes the first Agfa HealthCare managed...Read more

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2016 02 Feb

Enterprise Imaging empowers image information management via a single platform, leveraging EHR investment and resource allocation - Agfa HealthCare Enterprise Imaging’s single platform consists of modules designed to optimize the EHR to support strategic initiatives for population health management, value-based care, and risk sharing - Agfa HealthCare...Read more

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2016 27 Feb

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2016 27 Feb

Enterprise imaging — the ability to store, view and exchange images from multiple service lines — promises to revolutionise the imaging landscape as growing demand for improvements in diagnosis and treatment is adding pressure to enable and simplify image exchange across the board. Yet many providers, especially large hospitals and integrated delivery...Read more

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2016 14 Mar

Single, centrally hosted Enterprise Imaging will provide high, reliable performance over low bandwidth to radiologists at home or on site Enterprise Imaging is a single, completely unified imaging platform providing PACS, reporting, advanced image processing and integration of clinical information. Visual collaboration tools support Alliance...Read more

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2016 06 Apr

University Hospitals in Cleveland made do for years with separate PACS for radiology, cardiology and other image-intensive clinical departments. Now the 18-hospital, 15-county, 40-clinic integrated health network is half of the way through implementing a true enterprise image- management solution—a.k.a. VNA (vendor neutral archive)—and one key...Read more

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2016 07 Apr

This paper discusses various aspects that need to be evaluated when investing in archive solutions for enterprise image management. It provides a set of questions that will help you on your way when creating your requirement specification. As healthcare processes become more oriented toward clinical pathways, rather than focused on specific disciplines...Read more

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2016 14 Apr

Agreement for single, unified platform includes XERO zero-footprint image viewer and proven Agfa HealthCare project management for implementation   Enterprise Imaging for Radiology is a single, completely unified platform providing image management, reporting, advanced image processing and integration of clinical information. The Enterprise...Read more

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2016 29 Jun

SIIM 2016 will drive change. Informaticists have the opportunity to provide strategic enterprise imaging direction combined with a specialized skill set that helps position them for success within their organization. SIIM 2016 provides education in the core imaging informatics domains, as well as CIIP specific career development, to acquire, manipulate,...Read more

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2017 17 Jan

International medical imaging IT and cybersecurity company  Sectra  (STO: SECT B) announces that John Muir Health has purchased an archive to store radiology and cardiology studies in the cloud. All images in the enterprise will be archived in three geographically separate areas with fail-over capabilities. Integration with the Epic EMR will allow...Read more

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2017 07 Feb

International medical imaging IT and cybersecurity company  Sectra  announces that Cascade Medical Imaging, LLC (CMI) has purchased Sectra Enterprise Imaging for Radiology. This solution will offer scalability for growth and provide a single platform for all clinicians to access patient images and information. CMI delivers imaging services in numerous...Read more

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2017 23 Feb

International medical imaging IT and cybersecurity company  Sectra  is launching an extended image sharing solution that enables healthcare providers to digitally share medical images with patients, insurance companies and others in a rapid and secure manner. This is an extension of Sectra’s existing solution for sharing and collaboration between...Read more

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2017 05 Sep

Electronic medical records (EMRs) are an important tool for clinicians in the diagnosis and treatment of patients. EMRs contain plenty of text but do not include pictures, hence these records don't tell the whole story. It is estimated that some 70 million computed tomography and 30 million magnetic resonance imaging procedures are performed annually,...Read more

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2018 05 Jun

International medical imaging IT and cybersecurity company  Sectra  has been awarded a contract to install its enterprise imaging PACS throughout Sanford Health. The Sectra solution, integrated with the Epic EMR, will enable access and sharing of images and information across the entire clinical pathway. The Sectra platform will offer consistency...Read more

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2018 28 Sep

Follow Ontario Association of Pathologists on social media: Read more

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2018 25 Oct

International medical imaging IT and cybersecurity company Sectra will install its enterprise imaging solution, for both radiology and cardiology, throughout Deaconess Health System. Integration between Sectra and the Epic EMR will ensure efficient workflow and physician access to all patient images and information within the healthcare system....Read more

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2019 15 Jan

International medical imaging IT and cybersecurity company Sectra will install its enterprise breast imaging solution throughout the fifteen North Carolina-based breast centers of Charlotte Radiology. Upon project completion, radiologists will experience enhanced workflow productivity through multi-modality viewing on one workstation with the end...Read more