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Despite that in general health spending is growing slowly, according to a recent OECD report European countries lag behind. Balancing the service demands against available resources is a key function of management. With increasing demand and reduction in resources it is meanwhile a real challenge for most of our European health colleagues to fill vacancies in order to maintain quality of care and patient s


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Meet pioneering gynaecardiologist Angela Maas, who explains why there's still a lot to do when it comes to cardiovascular disease in women. Cardiovascular disease in women is an enduring passion for cardiologist Angela Maas, who has been a pioneer in Europe in this field. Prof. Maas started an outpatient cardiology clinic for women in 2003 and founded the Heart for Women Research Fund in 2014. She is

Management Matters

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The Irish military on embracing leadership that promotes diversity, inclusion and reflection. We live in a time of extraordinary change and complexity. This impacts on individuals, as well as the communities, organisations and institutions to which they belong. In examining the interlinkages between values, complexity, innovation and diversity, this reflection looks at the implications for leaders. T

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What it Takes to be a Leader in the Digital Age In a world of fierce competition, digital projects have become an omnipresent challenge. While 75% of all businesses will be digital businesses or preparing to become one by 2020, software will disrupt virtually all traditional industries. In the face of a global economy that is in a state of flux, instability has become the new norm. The change that comes

Cover Story

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A Human Resources (HR) department that continuously looks at ways to foster satisfaction for personnel reaps the rewards of innovation and productivity. HealthManagement.org puts some top HR approaches in the spotlight. Long gone are the days of a deep divide between management and personnel. Human Resources (HR ) practice now offers as many ways of motivating staff

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Workforce planning aims to creat a sustainable workforce that is centred around patient need, provides quality outcomes and is both deliverable and affordable. The health sector in the UK employs almost 2.3 million people (Labour Force Survey 2016), and workforce spend accounts for an estimated 70% of the National Health Service (NHS ) healthcare budget (NHS Engl

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Are you seeing the potential benefits of conflict at work, or simply the pitfalls? Chris was a brilliant and gifted practitioner. Well qualified. Hard working. Very experienced. Loved by everyone - clients and colleagues, as well as friends and family. Chris was very generous at work, always happy to lend a hand or be a trusted and insight

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With Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) activity at a high in healthcare how can HR contribute to deals that work? Human Resources (HR ) needs to be involved in M&A deals to increase deal success. Research shows early HR involvement is a critical success factor. Which role HR needs to play in M&A will be described around four critical responsibilities. M&A deal activity reached an all-t

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Patient-centric healthcare has come strongly into focus in recent years. Efforts by healthcare organisations to be more patient-centred include a range of measures, such as patient councils and feedback sessions. Sibley Memorial Hospital in Washington, DC, which is part of Johns Hopkins Medicine, has pioneered patient mentoring of executives. HealthManagement spoke to patient advocate, Donna Cryer, and Chi

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Is a division of labour approach in which health professionals limit their practices to the top of their licence and training best for high-quality, patient-centred care? The industrial revolution has come to healthcare. Old paradigms—from routine physicals to even the concept of the doctor as the captain of the ship—are being challenged as we try to find more efficient ways to deliver high-quali

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HealthManagement interviewed FutureLearn’s Director of Partnerships about what Massive Open Online Courses mean for healthcare professionals and organisations. And University of Twente ultrasound educator Jordy van Zandwijk shares their experiences of offering ultrasound education via FutureLearn. In recent years, access to online learning has expanded through provision of “Massive Open Online Cour

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Why did you decide to offer this course? A major reason for developing this course was to share health-related activities at the University of Twente, specifically our experience and research with ultrasound technology. We wanted to transfer the philosophy that having both clinical and technical knowledge in the (daily) use of medical technologies can optimise success in clinical practice. We wanted to

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The outlook for radiologists seeking jobs is better than in previous years, but which subspecialities will be in most demand in the United States? In the USA , the outlook for those looking for job opportunities in 2017 is very good for both newly trained and experienced radiologists. It is projected that there will be considerable improvement in the job opportunities available for radiologists

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Professional self-regulation is effective when dealing with staff with high numbers of patient complaints and coworker observations. The Vanderbilt Center for Patient and Professional Advocacy is dedicated to making medicine kinder, safer, and more reliable by supporting their partners’ objectives of using professionalism as the foundation of safe, quality healthcare.

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Further work is required in healthcare settings to create productive systems for ongoing reviews that accumulate in an annual review that focuses on the individual’s growth or continuing professional development. Appraisals can be summarised as “a formal documented system for the periodic review of an individual’s performance” (Moon 1993, pg. 8). Healthcare wor

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For the CEO 's of many organisations in the healthcare industry, attracting and retaining talent is the key strategic challenge, as discovered in a 2017 survey sponsored by Siemens Healthineers. Organisations face the dual challenge of how they should respond to the need for significant efficiency gains and simultaneously be an attractive employer in a competitive labour market. Fuelled by demographic

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Philips innovation in advanced health technology is delivering next generation Minicare point-of-care-in-vitro diagnostics systems to help support improved clinical decision-making that will ultimately benefit physicians, patients and hospital systems. Such devices can help deal with the biggest issue that emergency departments face on a dailybasis — overcrowding. In emergency settings, accurate blood

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Anaesthetists working in perioperative medicine have increasingly taken a whole body approach to patient evaluation known as TUBE – Total Ultrasound Body Examination – thanks to the development of point-of-care ultrasound. Dr Christophe Aveline, Consultant Anaesthetist in critical care and surgery at the Sévigné Private hospital in Rennes, is an advocate of TUBE and works closely on its adoption with


Affidea is known for clinical excellence and operational efficiency, but at Healthmanagement.org we are most interested in exploring what Affidea is doing with training and education. We spoke to Dr Rowland Illing, Affidea Chief Medical Officer, about this topic both in the clinical domain and in the more challenging area of leadership. As a commercial company, how does Affidea benefit by investing

Winning Practices

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Diabeter explains how a focus on best outcomes leads to cost reductions and an ‘Olympic’ team The 2017 Value-Based Healthcare (VBH C) Award, organised by the VBH C Center, Europe, saw 14 outstanding initiatives presented, but it was Diabeter that took the first prize. Diabeter is a patient-centric, Dutch-certified clinic network that specialises in providing comprehensive and personalised care

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The Active Citizenship Network has launched a prize for good practices in pain management with the aim of showcasing successful initiatives across Europe. Four ground-breaking pain management initiatives have been recognised at an international event aimed at increasing awareness of the issue of patient pain and how to approach it effectively. The winners work in the categories of Clinical Practices, P

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With chest pain a leading reason for an emergency room visit, what is new in training and recertification processes for chest pain units? The chest pain syndrome remains a single leading cause for contacting an emergency unit (Hollander, et al. 2016). Chest pain units (CPU) are specialised units in the emergency room that handle patients with all forms of acute chest pain and discomfort. Beginning in

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What to expect from the 4th Congress on eCardiology and ehealth in Berlin, November 2017 As the 4th congress on eCardiology and eHealth approaches, HealthManagement spoke t o congress director, Prof. Hugo Saner, to learn more about the congress and his thoughts on developments in ehealth and ecardiology. The European congress on eCardiology

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Under EU Directive 2013/55/EU, harmonisation of lab medicine across Europe could lead to an exchange and spread of skills and expertise and better patient outcomes. In the last few years there has been a continuous growth in the awareness of the importance of harmonisation of professional qualifications across the European Union (EU) in all medical fields. EU Directive 2013/55/EU acts as a passport for

Clinical Laboratories in Brazil

Integrated Diagnostic Centres That Favour the Patient-Centred Model of Care Brazil has been operating fully-integrated labs for years with a model that has potential for cross-border implementation. Private clinical laboratories in Brazil tend to be somewhat different from t heir counterparts in Europe, the U.S. and Asia. In Brazil, especially in big cities and metropolitan areas such as São Paulo an

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An Opportunity for the Future 3D makerspaces could help hospitals to enter the world of 3D technology without needing a big budget and employing expensive specialists. We have all heard about 3D printing, and the first hospitals have already begun to integrate this technology into their everyday business. Prostheses made of plastic compound materials are being tailor made. CT scans are printed out in 3

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Clinical audits will be mandatory for radiology departments in the EU from February 2018, but they do not need to be boring, complex or cumbersome. Despite the fact that clinical auditing has existed for many years, the need for auditing has recently become more important. Organisations such as the European Society of Radiology (ESR), the European Commission (EC) and the International Atomic Energy Age

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Outlines the development of the national teleradiology system of the Ministry of Health of Turkey, and details the motivation behind the solution, technology used, challenges faced, achievements, and future work that will be done. Within the Turkish Ministry of Health, the national teleradiology system is a patient-centric collaboration platform, which allows data sharing, consulting and communication


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Trump gives in to pharma, No price controls! President Trump can do serious damage to the pharmaceutical price gougers if he wants to, and will be cheered on by everyone who is not on the payroll of the pharmaceutical industry, and even some of them as well. A suitably aggressive beginning would be to select the 10 most outrageous incidences of excessive pricing … go after the worst offenders … and warn


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Professor of Women’s Cardiac Health Department of Cardiology - Radboud University Medical Center Nijm egen, the Netherlands Never give up. What is your top management tip? Don't forget your personal life, because although ambition is important there is always a personal life behind. What I know from my own past is that if you get more and more rigid because people don’t accept what you ar

Head of Section for Surgical Pathophysiology - Rigshospitalet Copenhagen, Denmark If you don’t have data, you cannot manage it. What would you single out as a career highlight? Probably the publication in the Lancet, in 1995 about 8 patients. That was the big eye opener for people. It was not high science, because it was only a few patients, but we showed that length of stay after colonic canc

Global Head of Human Resources – Siemens Healthineers Be passionate about what you stand for and humble in leading people. What would you single out as a career highlight? Besides the opportunity to contribute to the mission and development of Siemens Healthineers I am grateful for having worked as a hospital janitor at age 15 because it taught me respect for employees at all levels and for having

Independent Cyber-physical Security Researcher Anyone who thinks robots will take over from humans has not met humans. What would you single out as a career highlight? Achieving my PhD degree and having the opportunity, for the first time, to be present at a premiere of one of my compositions in July 2017 at the London South Bank Centre.

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