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Health Management

Volume 17 - Issue 3, 2017

2017 21 Aug

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IMAGING Management

When 2D Imaging Is Insufficient in Understanding Congenital Heart Disease Cases

2017 18 May

Cardiology has the distinction of being one of the earliest specializations in which  patient-specific 3D anatomical models  were implemented as part of treatment procedures. And although Medical 3D Printing has been used in the field for quite a few years already, much debate remains regarding which case should involve a 3D patient-specific... Read more

IMAGING Management

Bone Implants Trigger Real Bone Growth

2016 17 Oct

A Northwestern Engineering research team has created bone implants that trigger their own replacement with real bone.   Bone implantation is often performed by replacing the missing bone with bone harvested from elsewhere in the body. This often has complications, including pain, as a result. In other cases, metallic implants are used. The process... Read more