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2022 The World Patient Safety, Science & Technology Summit

2022 04 Mar

Find the Patient Safety Movement on Social Medi a      Save the date for the 2022 World Patient Safe ty, Science & Technology Summit! Stay tuned for more information! Read more

Executive Health Management

Patient Safety in Endoscopy (Episode #1)

2021 22 Oct

Finding synergies - the importance of collaboration Read more

IMAGING Management

2021 20 Oct

Increasing collaboration between health care providers and the medical industry is proven to be beneficial as it continues to pave the way for innovative technologies.  By bringing expert opinions to the table, we can explore patient safety and infection prevention, discussing what can further be done to improve the endoscopic field. Sparked... Read more

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Patient Safety As Gold Standard in the Era of Big Data

2021 09 Sep

Affidea launches an innovative Business Intelligence Tool for real-time radiation dose monitoring to improve patient care. Key Points The use of a new technology built on GE Healthcare’s Applied Intelligence platform and imaging insights. Better data integration and analysis through the use of the Affidea Dose Excellence programme,... Read more

IT Management

2021 14 Jun

In this space I will explore monthly topics, from concepts to technologies, related to the necessary steps to build Digital Healthcare Systems. For this month, I have invited Mr Giorgio Cangioli to co-author a brief article on Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR), as hospitals and their interconnections are a critical asset and next... Read more

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Hospital Management Asia HMA Indonesia 2021

2021 14 Sep

Find HMA On Social Media Read more

Executive Health Management

Healthcare Workers During Pandemic: Major Factors for Well-being

2021 23 Apr

A new study looks into prevalent determinants of psychological well-being in healthcare workers based on survey data collected in three countries.   You might also like: A nurse looks back: what has happened to the profession over the last 12 months? Learn more   Already a crisis in pre-pandemic times, burnout, anxiety and other... Read more

ICU Management

Nova BioMedical Educational Webinar Series: Determining Intravascular Volume Status

2021 25 Feb

Speakers Mitchell Rosner, MD, MACP Henry B. Mulholland Professor of Medicine Chair, Department of Medicine University of Virgininia Health System Dennis Begos, MD, FACS, FACRS Associate Medical Director, Medical and Scientific Affair Nova Biomedical Find Nova BIomedical on Social Media Read more

Executive Health Management

2020 15 Dec

Artificial intelligence (AI) has advanced from a debate into a large collection of different technologies with applicability in everyday life, meant to bring a difference in people’s life, from the way we interact between us, take decisions, buy products, set goals or monitor health. The healthcare sector makes no exception. We all... Read more

IT Management

HIMSS Report on Healthcare Cybersecurity Threats

2020 26 Nov

Already burdened by the unprecedented challenges from the COVID-19 crisis, healthcare organisations also were hit by a barrage of significant security incidents – i.e. phishing, ransomware and data breaches – during the past 12 months, says a new HIMSS report.   You might also like: ‘Shielding’ Against Cyber Attacks   These cybersecurity... Read more