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2022 The World Patient Safety, Science & Technology Summit

2022 04 Mar

Find the Patient Safety Movement on Social Medi a      Save the date for the 2022 World Patient Safe ty, Science & Technology Summit! Stay tuned for more information! Read more

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International Meeting on Simulation in Healthcare IMSH 2022

2022 15 Jan

Hybrid Event Find SSH On Social Media Read more

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35% Defer Medical Care Due to Debt Fears

2021 12 Nov

The credit bureau, TransUnion, surveyed consumers’ billing experiences and found that 35% of patients said that debt discouraged them from seeking healthcare over the past year. TransUnion Healthcare saw a 55% rise in financial assistance transactions between September 2020 and September 2021. Since September 2018, there has been a 270% increase in... Read more

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Patient Safety in Endoscopy (Episode #1)

2021 22 Oct

Finding synergies - the importance of collaboration Read more

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Hospital Management Asia HMA Indonesia 2021

2021 14 Sep

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Healthcare Workers During Pandemic: Major Factors for Well-being

2021 23 Apr

A new study looks into prevalent determinants of psychological well-being in healthcare workers based on survey data collected in three countries.   You might also like: A nurse looks back: what has happened to the profession over the last 12 months? Learn more   Already a crisis in pre-pandemic times, burnout, anxiety and other... Read more

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2020 15 Dec

Artificial intelligence (AI) has advanced from a debate into a large collection of different technologies with applicability in everyday life, meant to bring a difference in people’s life, from the way we interact between us, take decisions, buy products, set goals or monitor health. The healthcare sector makes no exception. We all... Read more

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Patient Safety in Primary Care: Do Clinicians and Patients View It Differently?

2020 19 Nov

New research shows that, in the primary care setting, both patients and practitioners perceive patient safety more in terms of work functions, which reflect grouping of tasks or responsibilities in delivery of care.   You might also like: Future of Patient Safety: What We’ve Learned from the Pandemic   In this study (Lai... Read more

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Pandemic Spotlights The Urgent Need For A National Patient Safety Board

2020 08 Sep

September 17th is WHO’s World Patient Safety Day. There’s no better moment in history to call for new legislation that finally ensures health worker and patient safety. Today, the Patient Safety Movement Foundation released a  detailed white paper  and its leadership issued the following statement urging the creation of a National Patient Safety... Read more

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The Future is Digital

2020 09 Mar

The debate about Artificial Intelligence (AI) versus healthcare personnel shows no sign of abating. While we can safely say that the role of physicians is not under any serious threat from technology, AI will be critical in managing data for more efficient diagnosis, workflow and patient care. ‘The Future is Digital’ offers exciting views on data... Read more