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Executive Health Management

How the Brain Works: Looking Inside to Target Treatments

2019 02 Oct

Summary: Groundbreaking study at the University at Buffalo uses brain stimulation to assess how large-scale patterns of brain activity could vary between cognitive systems and across people. Our research at the University at Buffalo explores brain activity and its association with cognitive systems. Each cognitive system consists of a network... Read more

ICU Management

Talking about money in the ICU

2018 02 Nov

Do financial considerations about treatment occur during the ICU stay? A study of electronic medical records found that 4% had at least one narrative clinical note linked to finance. The study, led by Deborah D. Gordon, MBA,  Mossavar-Rahmani Centre for Business and Government, Harvard Kennedy School, examined over 46,000 narrative clinical notes... Read more

Health Management

Volume 17 - Issue 3, 2017

2017 21 Aug

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Health Management

Trump on Drugs: Part 2

2017 21 Aug

Trump gives in to pharma, No price controls! President Trump can do serious damage to the pharmaceutical price gougers if he wants to, and will be cheered on by everyone who is not on the payroll of the pharmaceutical industry, and even some of them as well. A suitably aggressive beginning would be to select the 10 most outrageous incidences of... Read more

Health Management

Radiology Workforce Outlook for 2017

2017 21 Aug

The outlook for radiologists seeking jobs is better than in previous years, but which subspecialities will be in most demand in the United States?   In the USA , the outlook for those looking for job opportunities in 2017 is very good for both newly trained and experienced radiologists.   It is projected that there will be considerable... Read more