• Henrik Kehlet

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    Email —  ******@***regionh.dk
    Head of Section for Surgical Pathophysiol​ogy Rigshospitalet Copenhagen, Denmark

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  • Fast-track surgery: a multidisciplinary collaboration

    • 15/09/2017

    Prof. Henrik Kehlet reflects on the progress of fast-track surgery and the need for multidisciplinary teamwork in optimising perioperative care.   You are the “father” of fast-track surgery. What motivated you to develop this concept?   It all started when I was a young surgeon and had to perform some major operations. The technical aspects of surgery went well, but patients developed

  • Henrik Kehlet

    • 21/08/2017

    Head of Section for Surgical Pathophysiology - Rigshospitalet Copenhagen, Denmark   If you don’t have data, you cannot manage it.   What would you single out as a career highlight? Probably the publication in the Lancet, in 1995 about 8 patients. That was the big eye opener for people. It was not high science, because it was only a few patients, but we showed

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    Why Have Procedure-Specific Postoperative Pain Guidelines?

    • ICU
    • 17/07/2017

    The pro cedure spec ific postoperative pain managemen t (PROSPECT) initiative   provides evidence-based procedure-specific guidelines for postoperative pain management . This

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