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Health Management

Volume 17 - Issue 3, 2017

2017 21 Aug

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Health Management

Appraisals in Healthcare: Are Traditional Performance Appraisals Suitable for Healthcare Workers?

2017 21 Aug

Further work is required in healthcare settings to create productive systems for ongoing reviews that accumulate in an annual review that focuses on the individual’s growth or continuing professional development.   Appraisals can be summarised as “a formal documented system for the periodic review of an individual’s performance” (Moon... Read more

Health Management

Identifying, Controlling, and Reducing Overhead Costs

2016 13 Nov

Precisely Defining Indirect Overhead Costs or Diagnosis/Treatment-related Expenses is a Challenge   Certain operating expenses are necessary to keep businesses functioning. However, in healthcare, drawing clear boundaries between diagnosis/treatment-related expenses and overhead costs is not always easy. In some cases, overhead expenses might... Read more

ICU Management

Measuring ICU Performance in Value-Based Healthcare Era

2016 29 Jul

In the move to value-based payment for U.S. healthcare, performance measures will increase in importance, and will focus on clinical quality, resource utilisation, clinical practice improvement and meaningful use of electronic health record technology. Current performance measures, however, often lack validity and interdisciplinary measures are needed... Read more

Executive Health Management

3 Ways to Measure Your Leadership Success

2016 17 Feb

The ability to make people follow your command may give you reason to think that you are an effective leader. But measuring your success as a leader requires a far more nuanced view, according to a strategy+business blog post by Eric J. McNulty, director of research at the National Preparedness Leadership Initiative (NPLI) at the Harvard School of... Read more

ICU Management

ESICM 2015: Ready for Your Close Up? Public Data Disclosure

2015 13 Oct

Intensivists need to prepare for compulsory reporting of public data, says Andrew Rhodes, London. It’s happened in surgery ( see UK example ), and it’s coming to intensive care, in the UK and the Netherlands. Rhodes was speaking at the European Society of Intensive Care Medicine annual congress in Berlin, 3-7 October.   Florence Nightingale had it... Read more

IT Management

Three Steps to Thinking Like a Leader

2015 11 Aug

Certain desirable skills and attributes can help you become a leader — that's according to competency-based models. But to be an effective leader, you need to adopt a mental model that makes it possible to acquire those skills and demonstrate those attributes/behaviours in the first place, according to Eric J. McNulty, director of research at the National... Read more