We have been reading for decades that we live in a global village and that the virtual world has put down all boundaries. However, the reality in healthcare does not really reflect this description. Technological advancement has benefitted healthcare at the global scale although at a different pace. There is, no doubt, a global appetite for adoption of new technology. In any professional healthcare meeti

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Key PointsImaging has been at the forefront of innumerable technical developments over the last two decades. Radiology was the lead in developing CT and MR, and led the charge into the transition to digital in the ’00s.However, in recent years, imaging changed from being a profit centre to a cost centre, inpatient care was deemed too expensive, and outpatient care the way to go. Cost cutting became preval


Healthcare leaders around the world and in Europe in particular are increasingly interested in high value care, or value-based healthcare, with many aiming to implement, or already implementing the model in their work. Dr Christina Åkerman is part to many prominent organisations and initiatives in this field. In 2020, she has been keynote speaker at the VBHC Prize in the Netherlands and the ongoing EIT Hea

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There cannot be a global approach to diseases and health promotion without a tremendous effort to create links. Interoperability of people, processes and information systems is crucial for this purpose. I advance a concept of Digital Health Diplomacy as concentrated international efforts towards supranational interoperability in eHealth/Digital Health. This could lead to better policy and technical collabo

We are still in the middle of a dramatic experience. Will the pandemic’s impact on health and health systems help us comprehend the value of health and how little health-friendly is the present globalisation? Can it, consequently, help in the creation of a multidimensional, health supportive new global planet? Key PointsGlobalisation - the growing interdependence of the world’s economies, cultures, a

The COVID-19 vaccine development is currently central news globally. With recently reported successes, however, the focus is shifting from the very availability of a vaccine to manufacturing and distribution aspects. It is the pharmaceutical sector that will be playing the key role in freeing the world from the disease. A business expert argues that companies should embrace the corporate social responsibil


On 14 August 2020, King Faisal Specialist Hospital - Jeddah, in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia went live with the Agfa HealthCare Enterprise Imaging for Radiology platform. HealthManagament.org spoke to Mustafa Hamdy, Regional Manager, Middle East region for Agfa HealthCare to learn more about the deployment and their future outlook in this region. Key PointsKing Faisal Specialist Hospital – Jeddah is one o

The coronavirus pandemic has shone a light on the dedication of our global health systems. It has also helped inspire new thinking on how to address the key challenges that have been facing healthcare for many years. Empowering a new climate of quality care that is guided by insight to benefit both providers and patients, will create a system as healthy as those it cares for. A renewed focus on global colla

An overview of the impact the healthcare industry has on the environment and how the adoption of an Environmental Management System according to ISO standards can provide a framework for a more sustainable operating model for clinical laboratories. As the healthcare industry continues to grow, so does its effect on the environment. As a sector which exists to promote longer, healthier lives, the subject

Radiology departments are facing several challenges – increased volume of examinations, cross-site collaboration, rising costs, and data protection. How can the highest possible efficiency be achieved in this specialty and how can workflow and IT systems be optimised for maximum productivity? Key PointsRadiology departments can benefit from cost and time-efficient radiology management.The key to increase

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With cancer being the second leading cause of death globally, it is necessary to include cancer care into the global health agenda. An initiative known as City Cancer Challenge (C/Can) aims to do this through work with stakeholders at a local level and dialogue on cancer care between cities and partners across the world. Its CEO talked to HealthManagement.org about the challenges cities face on their path

An evaluation of the imaging profile of Timor-Leste’s territory consisting of the eastern half of the Southeast Asian Island of Timor, Atauro, Dili, Oecusse, bordered by West Timor and an assessment of the region’s imaging resources, radiology capabilities and barriers to the provision of imaging care. Key PointsTimor-Leste has a population of 1,318,445 people.90% of its population is rural and most of

The pharmaceutical and medical device sectors strive to deliver global communications strategies relating to their innovative products and how they can benefit patients, their carers and health systems. However, as COVID-19 has once again demonstrated, although we are global citizens, at a country level there is still very much a nationalistic approach. Global communications need to account for this in the

One of the pillars globalisation stands upon is free movement of workforce across borders. In healthcare, it is especially relevant to nursing, with its notorious global workforce deficit. At the same time, while ‘cross-border employment opportunities’ may sound good in politics, for a particular nurse to move abroad for work may be one of the greatest challenges in their life. But it’s still worth i

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Machine learning and radiomics may lead to personalised management and treatment of glioma patients, hopefully improving quality of life and survival. Key Points In the past few years, multiple radiomics-based tools have been introduced in the field of neuro-oncology and in particular for imaging of brain gliomas.Radiogenomics may evaluate molecular expression of brain gliomas in the pre-surgical setting

An overview of a developmental model the authors have been working on for the past two years with a focus on chronic disease management and support for patients who are labile or highly reactive to changes in their environmental conditions. Key PointsGlobal healthcare systems are struggling to manage the growth in chronic diseases.Several countries have identified that as many as half their populations m

Key Points For the past 10 months, COVID-19 has spread rapidly, debilitating communities, plummeting economies, and killing 1.3 million people worldwide.According to the CDC, pregnant women are at higher risk for severe COVID-19 outcomes compared with non-pregnant women.Immunisations are especially important in pregnancy, to ensure the health of both mother and the developing baby.Given the myriad of physio

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