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2024 28 Feb

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Decision Support


2024 30 Jan

  It’s no secret that technological advances have completely revolutionised almost every industry - and the healthcare sector is no exception. The recent advent of digital health tools, such as  online health courses , telehealth services, and wearable devices - coupled with some pretty momentous events -  have transformed how healthcare services...Read more



2024 30 Jan

  The healthcare industry is transforming in unprecedented ways — from advances in medical technology to care delivery models. This transformation is a quantum leap forward for clinical outcomes.   At the same time, it also introduces a new challenge:  opportunities for malicious actors.  Today’s networks extend beyond the traditional hospital...Read more

IT Management


2023 19 Dec

Digital health implementation: It’s a collaborative business   Digital health implementation is all about collaboration. Everyone in the rich and wide-ranging digital health ecosystem needs to be involved. Many different stakeholders and players have to play their part. Indeed, everyone is in this activity together. It really does take a whole...Read more

IT Management


2024 13 May

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IT Management


2023 30 Nov

His work will focus on global digital health, and in particular the innovation and system change strategies underpinning policy in the UK, across Europe and in leading health jurisdictions around the world.   A clinical radiologist and public health doctor by training and practice in Krakow and abroad, Andrzej was founder and director of School...Read more

Women's Health


2023 25 Oct

A device for conducting Clinical Breast Examinations (CBE) has been developed. The manipulator, designed by a team at the University of Bristol and based at the Bristol Robotics Laboratory, can apply precise forces similar to those used by human examiners and is equipped with sensor technology that allows it to detect lumps.   Safe electronic...Read more

Executive Health Management


2023 11 Oct

Building a Sustainable, Inclusive and Digital Health System Read more

IT Management


2023 26 Sep

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IT Management


2023 29 Nov

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Artificial Intelligence


2023 15 Sep

One radiologist supported by AI detected more cases of breast cancer in screening mammography than two radiologists working together, reports the ScreenTrustCAD study from Karolinska Institutet in The Lancet Digital Health.   The researchers say that AI is now ready to be implemented in breast cancer screening.   For over 30 years, screening...Read more

IT Management


2024 09 Jan

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IT Management


2023 03 Jul

Recognizing the importance of interoperability standards in digital health transformation, WHO and standards-development organization, Health Level Seven International (HL7®), signed a  Project Collaboration Agreement  to support the adoption of open interoperability standards, globally. Adoption of interoperability standards are critical for consistent...Read more

IT Management


2023 08 Jun

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Executive Health Management


2023 06 Jun

The Luxembourg Hospital Federation (FHL), its partners and the European Association of Hospital Managers (EAHM) will take advantage of Healthcare Week Luxembourg 2023 , from 20 to 22 September, to present awards to the most promising start-ups and projects in the field of innovation. Applications are now being accepted in three categories.   ...Read more

IT Management


2023 29 Apr

Dr. Bertalan Meskó, PhD, The Medical Futurist and the Director of The Medical Futurist Institute discusses some of the most exciting digital health trends and technologies, and their real impact on various levels of healthcare in a live Q&A session on 27 April 2023. What are the trends in patient counselling with regards to AI?...Read more

IMAGING Management


2023 07 Jun

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IT Management


2022 15 Dec

The College of Healthcare Information Management Executives (CHIME) recognises 18 organisations who achieved commitment and excellence in digital health, having been awarded at the highest level of the CHIME Digital Health Most Wired Survey with level 10 certification.   The survey grew by 20% this year, representing over 38,000 facilities....Read more

Artificial Intelligence


2022 04 Nov

The World Health Organization, with support from the Qatar Ministry of Health, recently launched the AI powered digital health worker, known as Florence version 2.0, a platform aimed to share a variety of health topics in seven different languages.   Having made its debut at the World Innovation Summit for Health (WISH) in Qatar, Florence is able...Read more

IT Management


2023 08 Jul

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Executive Health Management


2022 18 Oct

A scoping review was recently undertaken to evaluate the skills that nurses need mastering to help them cope better with the exponential use of digital technologies in healthcare.   Within this scoping review, the researchers included literature published within a 10-year span, outlining the emerging skills and attitudes nurses are required to...Read more