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2024 31 Jan

B•R•A•H•M•S™ sFlt-1/PlGF KRYPTOR™ Test System is available through physicians and is the first FDA-cleared biomarker test to aid in the risk assessment of progression to preeclampsia with severe features, a leading cause of maternal and fetal mortality in the U.S. 1   Labcorp, a global leader of innovative and comprehensive laboratory services...Read more

Women's Health


2021 01 Nov

University of Michigan researchers in Ann Arbor examined financial hardship among U.S. women during and after pregnancy, which included the prevalence of cost-related unmet healthcare needs, unaffordable healthcare, and general financial stress.   The study examined financial hardship in 3509 peripartum women, aged 18 to 45 years, who participated...Read more

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2021 31 Oct

Hypertension disorder in pregnancy, preeclampsia, affects about 1 in every 20 pregnancies globally and usually appears after 20 weeks of gestation. Taking low-dose aspirin can help prevent preeclampsia, but this prophylactic treatment is underused among high-risk patients. A communication gap between providers and patients is one likely cause examined...Read more

ICU Management


2021 24 Aug

G ender inequity in critical care medicine remains a pressing issue as the representation of women and minorities continues to be lowest in this specialty. Women continue to be underrepresented in leadership roles and senior positions. Whether it is overall compensation, lucrative opportunities, recipients of research funding, lead authors and editors,...Read more

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2021 24 Aug

An overview of the impact of gender on the severity of illness, impact and outcomes of COVID-19. T he human coronaviruses (HCoVs) includ e two alpha-CoVs (HCoV-229E and HCoV-NL63) and five beta-coronaviruses (HCoV-OC43, HCoV-HKU1, severe acute respiratory syndrome CoV [SARS-CoV], Middle East respiratory syndrome CoV [MERS-CoV], and most recently ...Read more

Women's Health


2021 02 Aug

Gynecology and obstetrics specialists from Spain have urged regional authorities to speed up immunisations of pregnant women following three deaths in the last month and a sharp rise in admissions to the ICU. “We are at a very fragile moment,” says Guillermo Antiñolo, head of obstetrics and gynecology at Virgen del Rocío Hospital in Seville....Read more

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2021 27 Jul

A study of more than 18 million pregnancies shows a strong and graded relationship between women’s heart health and pregnancy outcomes. The research is published in the  European Journal of Preventive Cardiology.  The researchers examined the presence of four risk factors for cardiovascular disease in women prior to pregnancy: unhealthy body...Read more

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2020 30 Nov

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2020 30 Nov

Key Points  For the past 10 months, COVID-19 has spread rapidly, debilitating communities, plummeting economies, and killing 1.3 million people worldwide. According to the CDC, pregnant women are at higher risk for severe COVID-19 outcomes compared with non-pregnant women. Immunisations are especially important in pregnancy, to ensure...Read more

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2020 23 Jun

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic women are often deprived of necessary health care. The research on women’s health in this context is scarce and might often be compromised, but also widely distributed in the media. The International Academy of Perinatal Medicine, therefore, is adamant to uphold the best scientific standards. Without a doubt,...Read more

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2020 03 Feb

Find The Society for Maternal-Fetal Medicine on Social Media      Read more

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2016 27 Feb

The goals of “ The Fourth International Congress on Cardiac Problems in Pregnancy   (CPP) 2016″  are to continue advancing the knowledge and expertise of health care professionals around the globe by exchange of information, including unique clinical cases and debates, development of collaborative research both basic and clinical, discuss, adopt and...Read more

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2016 26 Jan

A new app (QUiPP) developed at King's College London can help doctors identify women at risk of giving birth prematurely, according to results of two studies published in the journal Ultrasound in Obstetrics & Gynecology . The app uses an algorithm that combines the gestation of previous pregnancies and the length of the cervix with levels of a biomarker...Read more

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2015 10 Aug

According to researchers at Thomas Jefferson University, imaging studies necessary to diagnose traumatic injuries sustained by pregnant women are safe when used properly. Their findings are reported in the Journal of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (JAAOS) . Nearly 5 to 8 percent of pregnant women sustain traumatic injuries, such as fractures...Read more

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2015 09 Jul

Mothers who smoke and have a preterm birth more than triple their risk of cardiovascular disease (CVD), according to research in more than 900 000 mothers published in the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology. The risk of maternal CVD increased in a dose response relationship with the number and severity of preterm births. “Smoking and preterm...Read more

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2015 10 Feb

A history of spontaneous preterm delivery appears to double a woman's risk of heart disease, stroke and other cardiovascular diseases, according to results of a study published today in the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology.(1,2) The strength of the association was described by the investigators as "robust", and, as an independent risk factor...Read more

Pharmacy Management


2015 29 Jan

According to a new analysis published by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in its Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report, more than one-fourth of privately insured and one-third of Medicaid enrolled women of childbearing age filled prescriptions for narcotic painkillers between 2008-2012. Prescription narcotic painkillers...Read more

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2014 10 Jan

According to new US research published in the journal PLOS ONE, specific bacteria may be the major cause for premature birth where labour is triggers by waters breaking too soon.  These findings suggest certain bacteria may lead to thinning of the membranes around the baby, causing them to tear. The report could pave the way for a screening...Read more

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2013 15 Mar

The exposure of pregnant women to ionising radiation is often a source of concern and provokes many questions. This anxiety is often unjustified and the questions are asked too late. Ignorance of the subject is likely to harm the woman who requires investigative imaging (chest CT scan or lung scan should be performed even in early pregnancy with...Read more