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BJR Highlights Proton Therapy In Special Feature And Podcast

2020 15 Jun

BJR,  the international research journal of the British Institute of Radiology, has published a collection of articles on proton therapy, guest edited by leading experts Dr Kathryn Held, Professor Tony Lomax and Professor Esther Troost. The BIR have also recorded an accompanying podcast with the Guest Editors, who share their thoughts on this rapidly... Read more

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2020 22 Jun

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Onco-Cardiology: Consensus Paper from Germany

2020 27 May

There is sufficient clinical evidence to show that the use of certain chemotherapeutic drugs is associated with cardiac toxicity. In many cases, the impairment in cardiac dysfunction caused by these drugs is lifelong and can severely impair the quality of life of patients. While many drugs continue to be approved to treat malignancies, the cardiac... Read more

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Xrays Probe Bones and Soft Tissues

2020 07 Apr

In a pioneering study, researchers in Japan have found a way to use x-rays in examining soft tissues – not just dense materials like bones – similar to how ultrasound or magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) work.     You might also like : AI+Radiologist: Improved Screening Interpretation   Both ultrasound and MRI make use of elastography,... Read more

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New UK Cancer Imaging Network

2020 31 Mar

  Nine world-class imaging centres from around the UK are joining forces to create an integrated network for standardisation and validation of use of state-of-the-art imaging techniques in cancer treatment.   You might also like: Deep Mining Reveals Omics Promise for Cancer Biomarkers The  National Cancer Imaging Translational Accelerator... Read more

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Bright Ideas

2020 09 Mar rounds up exciting developments that have all the marks of healthcare game changers. What do you think? Advancements in Cardiac Imaging Conventional imaging still remains important for the assessment of cardiac structure and function. However, advanced echocardiography with strain imaging techniques, tissue characterisation... Read more

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Deep Mining Reveals Omics Promise for Cancer Biomarkers

2020 03 Mar

Harnessing the use of omics data – derived from research studies in biomedical sciences – is becoming increasingly important in advancing personalised cancer medicine. Analyses of omics data help scientists in identifying cancer genotype and phenotype, for example.     You might also like: MRI and Radiomics Predict 10-Year Breast Cancer... Read more

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Suppressing Breast Cancer Metastasis

2020 03 Mar

Researchers studying proteins that regulate alternative splicing events linked to metastasis report breakthrough findings that could lead to better treatments for metastatic breast cancer.     You might also like: Dense Breasts: Supplemental Screening Trends   Alternative splicing is a natural cellular process that helps cells... Read more

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2020 01 Jul

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