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Arcellx Appoints Olivia Ware To Board Of Directors

2022 16 May

Arcellx, Inc.a biotechnology company reimagining cell therapy through the development of innovative immunotherapies for patients with cancer and other incurable diseases  announced the appointment of Olivia Ware to its Board of Directors. Ms. Ware, a successful executive, brings a wealth of knowledge from her more than 20 years of experience in biotech... Read more

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ESMO Asia Congress 2022

2022 02 Dec

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Immunicom Appoints Dr. Annette Marleau as Chief Technology Officer

2022 17 Feb

Dr. Marleau will direct the Company’s R&D efforts and advance its pipeline of subtractive therapies treating cancer and other terminal diseases Immunicom, Inc., a clinical-stage biotechnology company pioneering subtractive therapies to treat unmet medical needs in cancer and other terminal diseases, announced that Dr. Annette Marleau is assuming... Read more

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Carevive Appoints Aaron Galaznik, M.D. as Chief Scientific Officer

2022 15 Feb

Pharma Industry Veteran Brings Critical Expertise in Real-World Evidence Generation and Data Analytics Strategies to the Company Carevive Systems  the leading oncology-focused health technology company centered on understanding and improving the experience of patients with cancer has announced that it has appointed Aaron Galaznik, M.D. as... Read more

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2022 04 Feb

When Inspire2Live organised its first Annual Congress in 2011, José Baselga was one of the speakers, and he opened his speech with the following statement: “We are not meant to be here for 1- or 2-months’ life extension. We can do better!” It was a powerful statement for patients and oncology researchers alike. For patients, because we all... Read more

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NRG Oncology Semi-annual Winter Meeting 2022

2022 07 Feb

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2021 04 Nov

In our world live 7.8 billion people. Pharma only focuses on cancer treatments for 1.6 billion people. How can the other 6.2 billion people hold no interest for pharma? Even from a commercial perspective, it is unwise to neglect these people. And don’t say that there is no profit possible in low- and middle-income countries. Pharma can turn a profit... Read more

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Understanding US Cancer Care Spending in 2018

2021 08 Oct

The 15 most prevalent cancers incurred a cost of $156.2 billion in 2018. Breast cancer patients contributed to the highest number of services and spending. Almost 20% of US cancer spending was on radiology Although how to deliver quality but affordable care to US patients requiring cancer treatment has been widely debated, the specific... Read more

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Bridging the “Policy To Practice” Gap In Cancer Care

2021 01 Jun

Based on experience in a first set of cities across Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe and Latin America, this article highlights key challenges and enablers for translating policy into practice for quality, equitable cancer care. Key Points Programmatic strategies to address complex health challenges can be accelerated by enabling... Read more

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EU €4 Billion Beating Cancer Plan

2021 04 Feb

The EU is strengthening its war on cancer with its new Beating Cancer plan. The initiative budgeted at €4 billion will focus on research and its practical applications for better treatments.   You might also like: Breast Cancer Surpasses Lung as Most Diagnosed Cancer   With only a tenth of the global population, one in four cancer... Read more