Management software / medical / for blood pressure monitors cubeabpm Cardioline

Management software / medical / for blood pressure monitors cubeabpm Cardioline

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Cardioline brings cubeabpm to serve as complete solution for managing Holter pressure tests (ABPM o MAPA). It is designed to have 6 main windows, where each directs the attention of operator to a specific or desired aspect of the test. Measurement page shows test chronogram and related table in order to obtain the value of heart rate and systolic, diastolic and mean pressure. The means page displays mean values of program variables, represented in form of pie charts and chronograms for indication of both the hour distribution and the progression over time of the values measured. Statistics page provides users with all statistical tools required for the analysis of the test. Comparison page permits to compare two or more tests concerning the same patient, and synchronize various criteria. The mycube page can be customized by the users, and hence it is composed of tables or graphs chosen freely from a list. Whereas the report page facilitates user to note down conclusion, choose one of the pre-saved configurations in the system or configure final document and then print the same.
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