Patient data management system / stress test ECG cubestress Cardioline

Patient data management system / stress test ECG cubestress Cardioline

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The CARDIOLINE cube stress is a cordless device which has been intended for the stress testing system. Integrated with high performance software for the cube stress it also attains the unit clickecgbt. Cube stress is an comprehensive package to manage the stress during ECG. This multivariant device merges all the archetypal procedures for the stress test in a single application. It works like a patient preparation management to real time display of the 12 leads on the screen, from the printing out the trace ( also available in real time) to automatic ergo meter management, from automatic archiving to printing out the final document and thus exhibiting these in an electronic format. This device is particularly prepared with an extremely configurable user interface and many operating options. This gadget has been dedicated to the cardiologists and the sports medicine professionals. The system comprises a trolley that can put up all the trimmings of the system and that can be provided with the medical isolation transformer.
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